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The Best Advice is from our Elders

by Chava Tombosky

July 12, 2010 | 6:44 pm

My grandfather has always been the most loyal friend. Since he was in grammar school, he has literally kept those same friends in his life through adulthood. Over the years, many have passed away making him very emotional over losing his confidants, and close buddies to old age and illness. It has always been a huge source of inspiration to all of us grandkids that he was able to maintain the same relationships for so many years.

For the past 15 years, my grandfather has celebrated life by having huge grandoise birthday parties every five years. This year for his 90th birthday party, you couldn’t help but notice the huge and drastic change to his once famously large party shrinking as a result of so many friends gone. What once used to be a roomful of 200 friends has dwindled down to 60. He has always said, that getting old for him was never hard physically. He doesn’t take any pills. He is in great shape. He doesn’t need a cane or a walker, and he has never felt better, but the saddest part of my grandfather’s old age has been the fact that so many of his dear friends have died and he has outlived them all alone.

My grandparents moved to the desert after retirement to live in a beautiful area with a golf course so he could spend his golden years on the putting green surrounded by all his friends. Unfortunately, he stopped playing golf, because golf for him was a buddy’s game. Without the buddies, it would never be the same. His friends have always had the greatest sense of humor and I know so much of his life has been enriched because of them. But most of them are gone now which has left him very sad and heartbroken. I would even venture to say that his old age has been a result of having great friends. I couldn’t help but want to get a piece of yesterday’s party on video history for the whole world to witness the last of my grandfather’s friends who were able to come to the party. My friend Seth Menachem has a blog called “Life Advice From Old People”, and when he found out I was going to my grandfather’s 90th birthday party, he asked me to take some footage for his blog. You’ll notice my grandfather’s friends are a bit younger than him, a result of losing old friends is he had to make new ones, younger ones. These guys have the greatest sense of humor and a really wonderful take on life. It is truly an inspiration. Here’s what they have to say about success, love, and happiness…..  Check out “Life Advice From Old People.com “, a great blog with wonderful life advice on success, happiness, love, and life…



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