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by Chava Tombosky

January 15, 2010 | 2:02 pm

My latest Kitchen Gadget has changed my life in the most staggering way:

For the past two years I have longed for a serious coffee machine made by Nespresso that u can only buy from William Sonoma or other high-end Kitchen stores.

Most recently my brother caught on to this coffee drinking experience after his trip to Italy where he was exposed to the best espresso EVER.

Being my brother and I are on a shoestring budget we spend our days checking in with each other sending each other posts on the best websites that have this machine at the cheapest discounted price. The best deal so far? Three Hundred bucks and a month’s supply of coffee cartridges known as capsules- (don’t ask). 

We comb the malls looking for William Sonoma stores and pose as potential customers just to get a sip of this incredible brew from their sample machine. 

We are obsessed with this appliance. 

My husband is a man with very few needs. If it were up to him, he’d live in a bare apartment with a toothbrush and a shoe-horn he’d double as a spoon and a paper weight.  I can count on my hand how many times we’ve ventured to the mall for a shopping expedition for his wardrobe. I have a big closet. He has a drawer.  I have forty-one pairs of shoes. He has two, running shoes and dress shoes. We’ve already established in my last blog that I am not royalty, but I do however enjoy the finer things in life- like getting manicures now and then and good espresso.

My husband has always been quite generous with my “high lifestyle” habits, but there are certain things he cannot wrap his head around.  “Why can’t u do your own nails- u can reach them. And if it’s all about getting caffeine in your system, instant works just fine.” 

So I’ve taken to using cash at the nail salon to hide my dirty little grooming secret. Not that he doesn’t know about it, but it leaves him less less stressed when he combs the bills and doesn’t find “Lee’s Nail Salon” posted all over the ATM summary.  But this coffee machine will have to be the one indulgence that my husband will actually have to agree with if I’m going to purchase it. It’s one thing to spend twenty bucks once a month (ok three times a month) but a wopping three hundred bucks- that calls for a family decision. (I won’t even mention the milk frother for an extra fifty that changes the whole experience into true coffee house bliss. You’ve never seen foam this fluffy.)

Monday morning at approximately 0-100 hours, I receive the following text from my brother (who also has to convince his practical wife why this machine will inherently change his life for the better)  “My wife bought me a Nespresso machine”.

I was deeply happy for my brother who shares this taste for extravagant coffee as I do. Yet I was envious of his new morning consisting of cappuccinos with floral aromas and full-bodied notes emerging with woody hints of cocoa. 

After receiving several coffee tip texts, like how heating the coffee mug before adding the brew makes it extra tasty, and my brother’s bragging of his little spoons he purchased to match his little cups– I became desperate.

So I did what any highly trained Jewish wife would do to circumvent her husband’s biases towards this incredibly innovative lavish Kitchen appliance.

I sent my kid on the job.

Like the little cadet he is, my thirteen year old convinced his father he would be saving tons of money each day from mommy’s over done Starbucks runs and that within four months the machine would practically pay for itself.  “Plus,” he said, “mommy will be really happy and isn’t that what life’s about- making mommy happy?” (This kid’s got skills)

So I am proud to say that Operation Nespresso was a success. As I sit sipping an Ethiopian variety espresso with sweet and floral notes, reminiscent of jasmine, I am forever grateful to my loving prudent husband for the best Chanukah gift ever!

(He even got me the milk frother.)

* This essay is dedicated to my darling husband, after suffering with a pretty miserable wife who has been sick with a cold and has given him grief just because she was feeling lousy.
** This essay is also dedicated to my brother, Yaak on the auspicious occasion of his 33rd birthday and to my sweet sweet sister in law who has managed to give my brother the best gift ever!
***Also a shout out to my brother Mendy on his 19th birthday…..both brothers were born on the same day- how random is that??


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