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Friday Food Days Part 2

by Chava Tombosky

January 22, 2010 | 4:58 pm

This week, I’m keepin’ it simple, since I don’t have that many guests.  Here’s the menu, for those of you looking for ideas.  I have SLAVED all day.  And if you are not celebrating Friday night, of course you are invited.

-Home made Challah- (probably gonna make the cracked wheat bread, and wait for the family to complain about the presence of whole wheat hidden in their beloved Shabbos Challah- will let u know how it goes.)
-Minestrone soup with meat. Cause you can never have enough protein.
-Green beans (pre-cut and washed from Trader Joe’s, saving me loads of time which I drench in mushroom soup made by Imagine, and then sprinkle with onion rings which I bake.)
-Sweet and sour apricot cornished hens with couscous and onions (I did this in one pot, it took all of five minutes to prepare and two hours to bake.)
- For dessert, I have a delicious angel food cake with shredded chocolate (from the box) as well as low fat apple cinnamon muffins (from the box).

-I told you I slaved. If I had a SarcMark, you’d understand “slave” to mean that this is not the typical gourmet Shabbat that I usually dole out, but needed to cut corners in order to spend the extra hour taking Zumba, a delightful class infused with Salsa and Columbian dance.

Saturday’s lunch will consist of leftovers, a salad, and I made steamed corn on the cob which the kids love. So pretty much, we will all be starving after Shabbat craving a serious pizza run.

*I dedicate this essay to my beautiful sister Tova on the occasion of her twenty fourth birthday and to my sister Mimi who slaved over two batches of birthday muffins which took up most of her day since she needed to walk four blocks to use my sister in law’s dairy oven which was two by four causing her to wait hours since the oven only held six muffins at a time to which she had to throw out BOTH batches anyways because she forgot the sugar and only used salt, but found a way to bake a third batch with frosting despite the mishap.  Mimi, you are my hero!

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