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Biggest Loser Meets “YAAK”

by Chava Tombosky

June 6, 2011 | 8:43 am

Out of all of us siblings, my brother Yaakov is the true foodie. A man with a special attention to food detail, he is famous for his mean salad and can spend hours sneaking videos on his i-phone watching the food channel while eating pepperocinies. Being that Yaakov is a true foodie, we figured he would definitely fail at our biggest loser competition.  Yaakov has not exercised, he eats whatever he wants, and yet he has still managed to lose a lot of weight. We hate him for this. He also knows how to make every bland meal look delicious.  He has had a leg up on this competition being that he contracted a nasty stomach virus this past week.  I am secretly hoping he is disqualified from this competition- not his fifty bucks, only him.

Here’s what Yaakov had to say about our Biggest Loser Competition:

1.  How much weight did you need to lose?

Yaakov:-“Enough to win the competition and take home the prize!”
Me:-      “You didn’t answer the question.”
Yaakov-  “Oh, ten pounds- I’m not as fat as you are.”

2.  What have you done to change your habits over the past few weeks?

“Starvation….the key is to embrace the hunger pangs – it’s amazing what you can do with mind over matter - I’m starting to enjoy being hungry all day….oh, and I started using this app called myfitnesspal.com – it’s a great way to really see what I’m eating, better yet, it’s a great way to really see what everyone else is eating!”

3.  Who in the family do you really want to beat?

“Everyone, I’m an equal opportunist.”

4.  What do you plan on doing with the $400?

“I plan on buying myself a steak dinner for two as I watch my wife chow down on a chicken salad.”

5.  Are you proud with your progress?

“I look gooood.”

6.  Do you plan on spending any of your $400 on Chava?

“Chava can stop by for dessert while I go to town on my steaks.”

7.  Will you continue eating better and exercising even after the deadline?

“Yes, ‘cause I look super sexy.”

8.  Most importantly, what do you plan on eating the second this wager is over?

I’m not going to lie like my sisters did. Either nachos, hot fudge and ice cream or both…TBD”

9.  Would you consider doing another 8 week Biggest Loser competition, and if so, how much mula are you willing to put in the pot next time?

“Oh ya, it’s all part of my get rich plan.”

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