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Jeff Garlin - his new book and his comedy show [VIDEO]

by Ryan Torok

April 7, 2010 | 10:37 am

Comedian and HBO’s “Curb Your Enthusiasm” co-star Jeff Garlin promoted his newish memoir, “My Footprint: Carrying the Weight of the World,” on the Temple Emanuel bimah with actor and environmental activist Ed. Begley, Jr. last Wednesday, March 31. The crowd probed a trimmed-down Garlin for secrets on how to shed pounds.

But of course Jeff Garlin has come to fame for his comedy, and I tracked him down that weekend, on Sunday, April 4, at his $1 wholly improvised stand-up show at Upright Citizens Brigade:

Here are my notes from the show:

Garlin comes onstage. He grabs audience member’s cell phone and talks to guy’s mother on the phone. Garlin gives phone back.

Garlin says: “This show is…


This show is the “only thing that matters to me artistically,” says Garlin. “I’ve given up in every other area.”

Garlin complains about his family. On Sundays, he can’t go out without them.

Garlin calls negative women a “big bowl of minus.”

Garlin calls young comic Scott Aukerman to the stage.

Garlin points at Aukerman.

“Stop pointing at me,” says Aukerman.

Garlin chats with Zach Galifianakis look-alike in the audience. Galifianakis look-alike sits in the front row, drinking beer.

“You can bring your own beer in,” woman whispers to me.

“You can?”


“That’s amazing!”

“I know!”

Garlin thanks Galifianakis look-alike for coming to all of his shows.

Galifianakis look-alike denies having come to every single one.

“You’re here at every one of my shows,” says Garlin. “Shut up.”

Galifianakis look-alike continues to deny it.

“Just take the f*cking credit,” says Garlin.

Garlin tells audience about the interview we did backstage. Garlin says he was disappointing to me.

“No you weren’t,” I yell out. Theater is small. Everybody hears.

Garlin and Auckerman reenact my interview. Garlin attempts to recreate how disappointing he was.

Later, “I don’t like Canada…Is that wrong?” says Garlin.

“I don’t have an act,” says Garlin.

Garlin and Auckerman discuss lunch plans.

Garlin’s children help him pass out free, signed copies of his books.

Garlin’s wife helps pass out books too.

“This is what I like about the show,” says Garlin. “No pretense that there’s even a show.”

Garlin’s family departs. He tells them that he loves them.

Galifianakis look-alike joins the show. He stands center stage and rants about “Facebook,” “lol” and fights with an audience member about looking emo and having his penis pierced.

I have nothing to brag about, says Galifianakis look-alike. I don’t have a job. I sleep on a couch. But I enjoy my life. I have people who love me.

Garlin laughs hysterically.

Galifianakis look-alike shrugs.

Garlin urges Galifianakis look-alike to slow dance with emo guy while Garlin sings “Everybody Was Kung-Fu Fighting.” Galifianakis look-alike refuses.

Garlin and Emo dance.

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