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Lavender Latte [Recipe]

by Elana Horwich

May 6, 2013 | 9:00 am

You know those beautiful movies set in the English countryside where proper English ladies drink tea served to them by servants amidst a field of flowers and the young damsel falls in love at the end with a gallant gentlemen whose family is the richest in the region? Well, this is that movie in a cup.  Creamy and soothing, this drink will transport you to a romantic dream land without any of the guilt. It is a perfect treat on a rainy afternoon or any night before bed. The lavender will deliver you to a peaceful slumber. Use the raw honey for a particularly indulgent  mood, but the stevia works perfectly and is my choice for everyday goodness.

Ingredients: (for one person)

  • about 1 ½  cups unsweetened almond milk (for hot beverages I prefer Blue Diamond brand, it won’t separate when hot.)

  • a teaspoon of dried lavender flowers (In Los Angeles I buy them at Groundworks Coffee. Look at your farmers market, specialty stores or online. )

  • 1 teaspoon of raw honey (buy here) or a few drops of plain or Vanilla Creme Stevia Extract

The trick to heating almond milk is to not to set it on the stove and then forget it there. It will bubble over and make a mess! Put the almond milk and lavender in a small pot and bring to almost a boil. Turn off heat and let sit for five minutes or more. Then quickly reheat to desired temperature. Add sweetener, pour in a cup and kick your feet up somewhere cozy.

If you live in LA and would like to take cooking classes with Elana, please visit mealandaspiel.com.

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