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Eat Feel Love (Kosher Sutra: Shemini)

by Marcus J Freed

August 10, 2012 | 1:00 pm

KOSHER SUTRA: “He will love you” (Deut 7:13)
SOUL SOLUTION: Feel the love in your life.
BIBLIYOGA POSE: Upward-facing dog
BODY BENEFIT: Open your heart

It is heart warming to read a Kosher Sutra verse that is the reverse of most people’s image of the Divine. The Torah proclaims that God “will love you, he will bless you, and he will multiply you, and He will bless the fruit of your womb and the fruit of your land etc.” (7:13). Although my last MRI examination didn’t reveal that I’ve got a womb, I’m excited by the other stuff.

So how can we feel the love? Perhaps we can couple this with a yogic exercise that makes its way into the text later on where it says that we should ‘eat and be satisfied’ as way to know God (8:11). In this fast food world we rarely sit and reflect upon the food we are eating, but there is a helpful meditation exercise of conscious eating which involves savouring each bite and taking it slowly. Maimonides suggested that we only eat until our stomach is two-thirds full (Hilchot Deot Chp. 4) and if we take the time to really reflect upon our food then we can eat without overeating and find the time to be satisfied.

Last week I was at the Moksha yoga festival in Santa Monica where a panel discussion focused on the drive to explain that yoga is more than just a bunch of stretching exercises on a rubber mat. Yogic wisdom extends to our work, relationships and of course our eating. If we spend an entire meal focusing on conscious eating, and noting the feeling of satisfaction, we can experience a spiritual awareness of a Higher Power in our mouth, stomach and entire body. How do you know if you’ve successfully achieved a conscious spiritual experience? If it tastes really good even when you’ve put down your knife and fork.

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