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Adventures in moving

by Julie Bien

May 12, 2014 | 2:54 pm

I can open my fridge and oven AT THE SAME TIME in my new apartment. And yes, that means I currently can't do that.

This month I'm moving into a really spiffy 1920s Egyptian Revival "Historic Register" apartment building. Quite a step up from my current "we-shoot-people-down-the-block" abode.

Perhaps that's too harsh--I love my current building and my super sweet landlord, but the location is less than ideal . It was the five people shot within a couple blocks of my apartment (and two killed-plus another guy found dead in the alley) in just over one week that convinced me it was time to get the hell out of Dodge.

[end tangent]

But what I'm truly excited about (other than feeling safe getting my mail after dark) is that it's my very first completely unfurnished apartment--and you know what that means to a thrifty DIYer! Lots and lots of projects that involve updating used furniture, building cool/affordable room dividers, creating kitchen gardens and not breaking the bank (or losing my sanity).

Over the next few weeks months, I'll be sharing my crafting trials and tribulations with you (but without the colorful language that will be making an appearance in the IRL version.)

So far on the DIY list:

-reupholstering  some wooden kitchen chairs I got for free when someone was placing them on the sidewalk

-replacing the hardware on a wooden side table that I also received for free in the above exchange

-creating a large room divider for my living room/bedroom area without destroying the walls

-making slipcovers for two armchairs

-making pillows out of leftover fabric from the above endeavors

-assembling terrariums (why not? gotta satisfy the hipster gods)

-planting (and hopefully not killing) an edible indoor window garden: Baby Lettuces 4EVER!

Stay tuned for project number 1:

How to reupholster salvaged dining room chairs without accidentally stapling any appendages to the cushions--a tutorial. 

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