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10 clever last-minute Halloween costumes for those who procrastinate!

by Julie Bien

October 21, 2013 | 10:32 am

I love Halloween, and I love getting dressed-up. But for whatever reason, I'm terrible about pulling a costume together ahead of time (and I know I'm not the only one.) For that reason, I bring you a list of punny, cost effective and simple costumes that you can pull together asap.

FYI: I was #1 in 2009, #2 in 2012 and plan on being #3 this year. I practice what I preach, yo.

1. Cardiac Arrest =  wear hand cuffs (fake ones, please) + a t-shirt with a heart drawn on it

2. Blackmail = dress in all black +  attach an enlarged photo of the US Mail logo

3. Freudian slip =  wear a slip + sticky notes with words like "Id" "Ego"  "Regression" & "Oedipus Complex" stuck to it

4. A Leaf Blower = wear a baseball cap + a long leaf attached to the brim with tape. When people ask you what you are, blow on the leaf dangling in front of your face.

5. A Ceiling Fan = write the words "Go Ceiling" on a t-shirt + carry pom poms

6. Yearbook = wear all white (that you don't mind getting ruined) + walk around with a Sharpie and have people sign you

7. Mixed greens = wear as many different shades of green as possible

8. A Bottle Neck = take an empty soda bottle + piece of string wrapped around the neck of the bottle, and then wear it like a necklace

9. Tic Tac Toe(s) = cheap shoes + tic tac candy attached with a hot glue gun

10. Headquarters = a headband + quarters attached with a hot glue gun 

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