Jewish Journal

Collect This!

by Honey Lazar

July 30, 2013 | 2:27 pm

I had a brilliant photography teacher, Mary Jo, who theorized that we take the same picture over and over again despite the contents appearing to be different.  I did a project called The Portable Universe  about the things women carry in bras, pockets, laundry bags, and so forth as a way to bind women's lives without prejudice. In case you hadn't noticed, from cradle to grave, women pack a portable universe of things as they face the unknown!  Immigrants, exiles, educated, uneducated, thin or fat, women all carry things, and those things change as we do.

I was not surprised that while photographing Aunt Ruth, I noticed her photo array, her recipe collection, and most of all, her giraffes.  Most of the giraffes were gifts from friends and family, and they became her signature.  They make her laugh.  In telling her story, the giraffes cannot be ignored! 

I collect bees.  No surprise with a name like Honey!  Look around the house of someone in your life whom you admire and ask them about their collection.  It is a great way to "collect" stories from those who matter most to you.  Let us know what YOU discover!

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