Jewish Journal

Be Prepared

by Honey Lazar

July 8, 2013 | 10:00 am

By mid-century, people over 55 will outnumber those under 18 for the first time in history. Aunt Ruth's ingredients for a live well-lived include the importance of community and helping others.  We know research tells us that as we age, social interaction becomes even more vital to our well-being, which means Actual Face Time!

Aunt Ruth is known as "The Pharmacy!"  She keeps shelves stocked with bandages, aspirins, cough medicines, and various over-the-counter remedies that neighbors and friends might need. Her hours are 24/7, and the price is right!  A simple idea that holds unlimited acts of kindness on each shelf.  Imagine the comfort of knowing that Aunt Ruth is upstairs!

I don't live in an apartment, but I was inspired to offer care services to friends who might need an emergency driver for medications, etc..

I asked Aunt Ruth how she would like to be remembered, and she said, "...as a nice person."  I think she can be certain of this.  Living on in the memory of others is nice to consider, but Aunt Ruth has lived her entire life in a giving way...not just in her later years.  How many of us can say this?

If you have a lesson or a story you'd like to share, please let us know!  We love to hear from you.

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