Jewish Journal

I Don’t Want to Be Alone

By Honey Lazar

September 30, 2013 | 6:14 am

We live in a world made up more of story than stuff. We are creatures of memory more than reminders, of love more than likes. Being attentive to the needs of... More.

  • Sisterhood

    By Honey Lazar

    September 13, 2013 | 4:56 am

    These gloves belong to Aunt Ruth and her sister, Leah, who was also my mother.  The stacking represents how I see the sisters.  Aunt Ruth beams as she... More.

  • The Pharmacy

    By Honey Lazar

    September 10, 2013 | 6:51 am

    By mid-century, people over 55 will outnumber those under 18 for the first time in history.  As I face my own senior citizenship, the importance of... More.

  • Honey Cake and So On!

    By Honey Lazar

    September 4, 2013 | 10:19 am

    With the honey cake in the oven, early morning is spent looking ahead to Yom Kippur and breaking the fast.  Just when I thought that having grown... More.

  • A Taste of Aunt Ruth

    By Honey Lazar

    September 2, 2013 | 6:10 am

    Aunt Ruth is committed to friends and family.  I am lucky to have enjoyed holidays, birthdays, and ordinary days with Aunt Ruth.  She taught me to make my home a welcoming place with something in the freezer just in case!  Aunt Ruth believed that everything tastes better shared.

    If you would like a recipe of Aunt Ruth's to sweeten your New Year, please send me an email at honeylazar4@gmail.com, and I will send you one right away!

    L'Shana Tovah from Aunt Ruth and me!