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Obama AWOL on Standing with Israel

by  Larry Greenfield

May 4, 2009 | 7:32 pm

Larry Greenfield is vice president and fellow in American Studies at The Claremont Institute for the Study of Statesmanship & Political Philosophy

I have received very positive response at the AIPAC conference to my writings, read at (www.claremont.org) about the increasingly important issue of U.S.- Israeli Missile Defense.

Fortunately. the policy conference this year has presented 2 separate sessions on this subject, along with other speakers who have been focused on the short, medium, and long-range missile threats to the tiny Jewish state.

Specifically, AIPAC has organized and encouraged activists to work with congressional leaders like Rep. Mark Kirk to focus on American government defense funding for the next generation of technologies and joint projects that will not only help to defend against and deter Arab government and terror group threats, but also serve U.S. National Security interests as well.

The cause of peace and security requires that the enemies of a free Israel recognize that Israel will eventually be able to hit launched rockets and missiles over enemy territory. That may deter a future enemy assault and potentially keep the peace.

There is, unfortunately, a growing sense of nervousness at the conference, however, that the Obama administration is not on board with the strategic plan of pro-Israel activism.

Newt Gingrich’s plenary speech, to thunderous and standing ovations, properly cataloged the ideological hatred growing against the Jewish state in foreign capitals and at U.S. campuses, and at the UN, and amongst the far left blogosphere.

Decent citizens everywhere understand the rise of radical Islam, Jihad, shariah law infiltration into the west, and vicious propaganda that inspires a future generation of Islamic terrorism.

Activists are working on sanctions efforts to turn Iran around from their path toward becoming a nuclear power, an umbrella under which at minimum they would threaten both Israel and Sunni Arab states as well as Europe.

The Iranian issue is the key: Iran funds and trains Hezbollah and assists Hamas and works with Syria to ring Israel with arsenals.

And where is the Obama administration ? Weak on public support for Israel, bowing to Saudi kings, opposed to missile defense systems to protect Israel, hostile to Israeli arguments against huge American taxpayer funding of the Palestinian terror society, and bullying against Israeli suggestions that Iran must be isolated, sanctioned, and potentially preempted before they launch a regional nuclear arms race if not a nuclear-warhead- tipped shehab missile to destroy Israel.

Mr. Obama also played a dangerous game by attending the planning session of the Durban II conference (the hate Israel festival). This confused our allies who had long previously decided to boycott the entire process.

Mr. Obama has also decided that the US should join the notorious and Orwellian named UN Human Right Council.

Mr. Obama seems intent on lowering Israel’s qualitative military edge over her potential Arab adversaries, ending the special strategic and public partnership between the US and Israel, and placing engagement with Iran before preempting Iran as US policy.

If the Obama administration, which has turned away visiting Israeli officials, yet has repeatedly pandered to Arab states, and other enemies of freedom (Chavez, Ortega, et al) is nervous about Jewish support, however, they don’t seem to show it.

They instead have just decided, for all intents and purposes, to boycott the AIPAC conference. I have not seen a single Obama administration figure yet, and the conference is soon over.

Mr. Biden was scheduled to speak today and canceled. He may speak tomorrow.

But Biden, who recently warned Israel not to preempt Iran, and who has a long history of working against bipartisan sanctions against the tyrannical Iranian regime, has more than substantive problems with the pro-Israel community.

He has also been mocked for having told Americans not to fly.

Is he really our Vice President ?

If Mr. Biden finally does show, perhaps he will pander like Obama did last year.

Many remember how Mr. Obama retracted his support for a unified Jerusalem the very day after his speech to Aipac last year during the heat of the campaign.

Maybe the noted absence of Administration figures at the conference this year, then, says more than all the other speakers combined.

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