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Day schools see decline in vaccinations

by Anthony Weiss, JTA

1 week ago

A patient receiving the measles vaccine. Image by Valentin Flauraud/Reuters

A recent measles outbreak originating at Disneyland that has infected more than 50 people has returned the issue of declining immunization rates to the headlines.

California health... read full article

  • Survivor: Erika Jacoby

    By Jane Ulman

    1 week ago

    “Los, los. Alle heraus,” the SS soldiers yelled, whips in hand, as the train doors opened onto the Auschwitz-Birkenau platform. It was mid-June 1944. “Go, go. All out.” Sixteen-year-old Erika Jacoby, nee Engel, was shoved out of the car, and she stumbled into line. In the distance,...

  • With help, local schools grow their endowments

    by Leslee Komaiko

    2 weeks ago

    The endowment at Oakwood School, a private, nonsectarian day school in North Hollywood, adds up to nearly $20 million. Compare that to Los Angeles-area Jewish day schools and things just don’t equate — some have no endowment at all, and at many others, the endowment is, at best,...

  • Local education politics has a watchdog in LA School Report

    by Aron Chilewich

    2 weeks ago

    With her strong background in journalism, Jamie Alter Lynton strongly considers the ethics of covering stories such as the hackers’ release of confidential information from Sony Pictures Entertainment, where her husband, Michael Lynton, is the chief executive. On the one hand, it...

  • Soulful Education program offers students, teachers personal meaning

    By Kylie Jane Wakefield

    2 weeks ago

    With thousands of years of history, wisdom and tradition to impart, it’s easy for Jewish schools and educators to sometimes forget to take the time to reflect upon them.

    This is a problem that Rabbi Aryeh Ben David, who at the time was working as the rabbinical educational...

  • Gargle with gold to find oral cancer

    by Abigail Klein Leichman, Israel21c

    2 weeks ago

    Imagine buying a kit at your local pharmacy to test for oral cancer.

    That may become a reality, thanks to Dror Fixler and his team at the Advanced Light Microscopy Laboratory at Israel’s Bar-Ilan University. They have invented a mouthwash embedded with gold nanoparticles — a...

  • ‘Brain Death’ conference aims to educate about the disputed definition

    By Tom Tugend

    2 weeks ago

    When is dead really dead? And when the answer and criteria for this question are in dispute, who decides? The doctor, the family, a religious authority, a court judge, or federal and state laws?

    In the past year, a number of high-profile cases have stirred public interest in this...

  • Philly mayor to conduct same-sex marriage ceremony for Israeli diplomat


    3 weeks ago

    An Israeli diplomat will be married in a same-sex marriage ceremony conducted by the mayor of Philadelphia.

    Elad Strohmayer, the deputy consul general of Israel in the city, and partner Oren Ben-Joseph will be married  at the Philadelphia City Hall this week, Ynet reported. Mayor...

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