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Taking the Super Sunday pledge plunge with Federation

by Tess Cutler

3 weeks ago

Lisa Loeb performs songs such as “The Wheels on the Bus” and “The Monster Stomp” alongside her two-year-old son Emet, during The Jewish Federation’s Super Sunday fundraiser.

One week after the Super Bowl, The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles was celebrating its own Super Sunday — its major fundraising event of the year where volunteers sit at... read full article

  • New option for Jewish genetic testing

    by Nancy Sokoler Steiner

    3 weeks ago

    When a Jewish couple is planning their wedding or anticipating starting a family, they probably aren’t thinking much about rare genetic conditions. But JScreen, an educational and screening program, urges couples to add genetic testing to their to-do list. And by offering...

  • The Alzheimer’s tsunami alert

    By Michelle K. Wolf

    3 weeks ago

    At a recent weekday matinee showing of the film “Still Alice,” in which Julianne Moore stars as Alice, a Columbia University linguistics professor who develops early-onset Alzheimer’s disease, the theater was crowded, mostly filled with middle-age women. At times it felt like a...

  • Hands-free Sesame smartphone opening worlds for physically disabled

    by Raffi Wineburg, JTA

    3 weeks ago

    Giora Livne just wanted to buy flowers for his wife.

    But for the 65-year-old quadriplegic, who lost all but the smallest movements in his neck in an accident nine years ago, that small act of spousal romance was out of reach.

    He was determined to change that.

    Livne is the...

  • Making Room on the Bench for students with disabilities

    by Gabe Friedman, JTA

    3 weeks ago

    Standing in the back of an open elementary school classroom at the Luria Academy, a Jewish Montessori school in Brooklyn, Dana Keil asks in a whisper if a visitor can tell which children in the room have special needs.

    “I guarantee you won’t be able to tell,” she said.


  • Longtime Israel advocate Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi shifts focus to disabilities

    by Ron Kampeas, JTA

    3 weeks ago

    During this year’s State of the Union address, Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi was in a place familiar to her from her years as a leading pro-Israel fundraiser and activist: Tracking the speech for her favored topic.

    It came just five paragraphs before the end, almost as an afterthought,...

  • New York’s Shefa School seeks to be catalyst for day schools serving kids with disabilities

    by Julie Wiener, JTA

    February 5, 2015 | 10:26 am

    For years, homework was a “battle” in Johanna Shlomovich’s home.

    Her son, Gavi, is dyslexic and had been struggling since pre-kindergarten. By third grade, he was still reading well below grade level and falling behind in all the subjects at his modern Orthodox day school except...

  • At Aspen, wounded IDF vets learn to ski — and overcome obstacles

    by Uriel Heilman, JTA

    February 5, 2015 | 9:41 am

    After Yinon Cohen lost his legs in an accident involving a rocket-propelled grenade, it wasn’t clear he’d ever be able to walk again, much less ski down a peak in the Rocky Mountains.

    A fresh-faced soldier in the Israel Defense Forces’ elite Golani brigade, Cohen was in an...

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