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Who Will You Choose to Be?

by Misha Henckel

May 17, 2010 | 3:57 pm

Interesting times, these. I’m finding that we are, most of us, in some state of transition. And we are having to get very comfortable with not knowing. It’s not easy having to deal with so much uncertainty. But we must adapt. 

For centuries, we have been programmed to take control of our lives by planning, working hard, and doing everything we can to safeguard ourselves from future challenges. Of course, life never works out the way we plan it. And while dedication and focus are key components to success, truly skillful living has always required a goodly amount of capacity for SURRENDER. And by that I mean, the ability to LET GO of control and allow the best outcome to emerge. In today’s world this is not something we can avoid practicing. In fact, for our lives to work these days, we need to quickly master this. And that means learning how to be PRESENT, accepting what IS, and trusting that we are safe and secure and that life will work out, even when we don’t know how. 

While on the one hand we need to LET GO, on the other, we need to HOLD ON. We need to hold on to what is highest and truest within us: to a deep belief in ourselves and our capacity to transcend any challenge, to our talents and gifts and our inherent value, to the practice of kindness, understanding and love, to the discovery and fulfillment of our higher purpose, and to the awareness of the spark of light in ourselves and in everyone we meet.

That’s a lot to hold on to ...

The world around us continues to morph, but perhaps we can let go of trying to control it, and instead focus on the things we can control - becoming and being the kind of person that we truly want to be.

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