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Greedy Winklevoss Twins, Lindsay Lohan’s Suffering, Bieber, and Hosni Mubarak on SNL

by Misha Henckel

February 13, 2011 | 6:30 pm

What a week it was…

The Winklevoss twins of Social Network fame, made an appearance on Piers Morgan Tonight.  Now I could be wrong, but they seem like greedy, self-absorbed, entitled young men, who have now embarked on the highly lucrative career of suing Mark Zuckerberg. And they justify it with the notion that the rest of us would do the same, if we were in their position. I guess a lot of people would reach for the “easy money,” even though they did not earn it. But that does not make it the right or ethical choice. It’s even worse that they are Olympic athletes. Shame on them! I much prefer The Blindside’s Michael Oher, whom Piers interview right after. Now, he’s a decent soul. Piers Morgan Winklevoss Oher

Lindsay Lohan, meanwhile, can’t seem to catch a break. What has she ever done to hurt anyone! She is fragile, a recovering addict with a very challenging family situation. Nobody seriously believes she stole the necklace. She’s just lacking support, real friendship, and strong people to look out for her. The poor girl is a victim of fame and a system that will chew you up and spit you out if you’re not careful. I hope for her sake, and ours, someone shows up for her. This tragedy has to stop!

Justin Bieber on the other hand, seems to have exactly the kind of people around him to make sure he does not go off the deep end. His is an inspiring story of fearlessness and “showing up.” At this point he’s a great role model for all of us. That’s a lot to say about a 16 year old boy. Let’s hope things stay on track and he too does not become a casualty of this town.

All week long, we were inundated, and appropriately so, with stories from Tahrir Square in Cairo. We saw Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak try every which way to avoid the inevitable, and we saw hundreds of thousands of people gather together and then stand-up and speak-up for themselves. A non-violent revolution, facilitated by Twitter and Facebook, brings down a dictator in 18 days, right before our eyes.  A 21st century phenomenon. And then last night, Fred Armisen appearing as Mubarak on SNL’s Weekend Update summed things up, “Behind every horrible dictator is an enabling super-power. Thank you America!” Hilarious and true! SNL Armisen Mubarak

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