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Delight in the Small Things

by Misha Henckel

November 14, 2010 | 9:24 pm

Abraham Maslow wrote, “The ability to be in the present moment is a major component of mental wellness.”  In today’s increasingly chaotic and uncertain world these words were never more relevant or applicable.  But it’s not easy to be present. Is it? We may want to be in the moment. But our mind? Well, it has another agenda altogether. And our multi-tasking, technology-driven, social media lives seem to be all about being everywhere but here and now.

So what can we do?

Being present is not easy, but it is fairly simple. We have to connect with what is real, be aware of where we are, use our senses, feel our bodies. In fact, being aware of our physical being is the immediate and direct antidote to the willfulness of our mind - which would likely take us spinning in any direction.

As we go through the day, it helps to pay attention to the small things: the taste on our tongue of the coffee that we’re sipping, the smell and feel of the soap as we shower, the beauty of the sky as we drive on the freeway (yes – I’m in LA), our breath – in and out. Truth is there is nowhere but here, no time but now. What we do with this moment creates the experience of the next moment. And the power to create our lives, to make it beautiful, special, filled with love, happiness and success, comes from being fully conscious of what is, right now. So - let’s delight in the small things, it’s the only path to what we seek.

Misha Henckel guides individuals to live their ideal lives. Follow her on Twitter @mishahenckel. Email misha@mishahenckel.com

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