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Best Career Move Ever as Jennifer Lopez Bares Heart and Soul on Idol

by Misha Henckel

February 24, 2011 | 8:17 am

16 year old son: I don’t think anyone ever knew how down to earth J-Lo is. American Idol is so good for her.

It’s true! Jennifer may be a huge star but her appearance as a judge on American Idol is doing wonders for her image. Not that she has had a negative image. No, in the last few years, with her marriage and the birth of her kids, Ms. Lopez’s act has been squeaky clean. And for years she has been a bankable talent and real Hollywood icon. Even so, Idol is just the best career move ever. And it’s a big win-win. Jennifer brings an open compassionate heart and real “been-there” input and advice for the contestants. Unlike the Simon Cowell – Paula Abdul drama of past seasons, that had become simply inane, Jennifer’s presence is an uplifting force. She knows what the contestants are going through and she really cares. She is confident, secure in herself - an excellent role model for all the young girls watching the show. This season Idol has become the best kind of television.

Last night after she had to give crowd-favorite, Chris Medina, the news that he was going home, Jennifer broke down in tears. Needless to say we were all crying with her. 

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