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Posted on Jul. 15, 2004 at 8:00 pm

Same-Sex Marriage

The opinion piece by Sandy Frank on same-sex marriage raises some interesting questions. Frank claims that heterosexual marriage is important because it is prevalent in every society, ancient or modern ("Same-Sex Marriage Poses Key Questions," July 9). That argument would qualify theft, as well (possibly as a method of redistributing wealth).

Frank also posits that marriage has "evolved" as a beneficial method of providing for the rearing of children. If evolution is in play, is it not possible that same-sex marriage is the logical evolutionary response to the problem of overpopulation? The world could use a lot of "barren" marriages.

Ultimately, his views of same-sex marriage are homophobic and demeaning. Who is to say that the relationship between two men or two women is not as meaningful to them and as beneficial to the overall emotional health of society as that between a man and a woman?

Societies do evolve. America is an ongoing example thereof, a work in progress and not a fait accompli.

Louis H. Nevell, Los Angeles

Not a Joke

I was saddened to read about the coach who decided to include racist Jewish jokes into his training sessions. However, I was proud of the young man who stood up to this, and is trying to get a civil case to stop this type of harassment ("Jew Jokes Not a Joke," July 2). However, with my understanding of the First Amendment, why is the calling of "death to Jews" and "let's finish Hitler's job" covered by free speech on the college campus? Does one have to put these types of threats into joke form in order to get a civil suit to stop this? When does hate speech cross the line to harassment and constitute a perceived threat? After someone gets hurt? Just wondering.

Allyson Rowen Taylor, Valley Glen

Gridlock Update

My quote in the article about gridlock was taken out of context, and was definitely outdated information by the time you published the article ("Gridlock," July 9).

I was interviewed in March about the task force Adat Shalom had established to improve access to our ECC facility. We established the task force because the administration wanted to do its share to better the access into our facility. Your article failed to mention that we were at that point very close to solving our problems.

In April, with the support of the temple's administration, we implemented several procedures that created an extremely convenient parking and access situation for the parents. As of July, we have had quick and easy access for three months.

It is unfortunate that in order to prove some point about the congestion in Los Angeles, accurate and timely information was not provided to your readers.

Our world would be a better place if everyone followed Adat Shalom's example and focused more on finding solutions, rather than endlessly discussing the problems.

Keren Aminia, Los Angeles

Woznica a Gift

The L.A. Jewish community has been given a gift. It seems, however, that the good fortune of both Rabbi David Woznica and Stephen S. Wise Temple was neglected in Marc Ballon's brief, which chose instead to focus on the perceived mistakes of The Jewish Federation ("Woznica to Take Post at Stephen S. Wise," July 2).

The Federation had the foresight to bring Woznica to Los Angeles. He has touched countless people, opened doors when he engaged in powerful dialogues with Elie Wiesel and Rabbi Harold Kushner. With humility and deep insight, Woznica placed Torah in the hearts of entertainment moguls, high-powered attorneys and up-and-coming young leaders. An engaging teacher and powerful speaker, he filled large rooms with people who wanted to study with him. He indeed lit up our community, as Todd Morgan, was quoted.

Woznica's new position, with the strength and power of Stephen S. Wise, promises to be a great gift to our entire community. For that, I thank The Jewish Federation for luring him from the 92nd Street Y, where he had an unprecedented following. If I may be so bold, on behalf of the Jewish community, we wish Woznica and Stephen S. Wise great success in continuing to light up our Jewish world.

Margy Feldman, Vice President Jewish Big Brothers Big Sisters Los Angeles

Green as Role Model

Carin Davis' description of Dodger hitter Shawn Green as batting 1.000 as a role model for Jewish kids is widely "off base" ("Home Run," July 2). Sometimes it seems that professional athletes who are personable, happily married, excited about their children and without a history of spousal or drug abuse are a rare commodity. But that doesn't exactly qualify them as batting 1.000 as Jewish role models. Unless, of course, we aspire to create of our children nonpracticing, uninformed, uninvolved and intermarried Jews.

Edith Ellenhorn, Beverly Hills

Carin Davis

I'm not sure what lead me to Carin Davis' column ("Fate With a Frummie," July 9). But, regardless, I had to write and let you know that I loved her writing, its spunk and wit. I never thought I'd get pulled into a singles column.

Gary Kosman, CEO & Echoing Green Fellow America Learns

Memo to Strasser

I must admit "67 between one and two" vs. "67th Street between 1st and 2nd Avenue" is new to me, though people call the CBS building at 51 West 52nd Street "51w52." But you're not a true New Yorker till you call "Avenue of the Americas" Sixth Avenue.

Alana Rice, Studio City

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