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Posted on May. 29, 2003 at 8:00 pm

Date Addict

Amy, it's not some imaginary flaw in your profile that's attracting a lot of "commitment-phobic narcissists" ("True Confessions of a JDate Addict," May 16). There are a lot of commitment-phobic narcissists.

When guys can expect sex even from nice, religious Jewish girls on a first date or a third -- I know, you didn't say you did, you were just laying out the realities of modern dating -- they have no need to make a commitment. In fact, it's an actual hindrance to filling that bottomless pit of narcissism through serial seduction.

You'll save yourself a lot of time if you don't even talk to a guy unless he shows a sincere interest in developing an actual relationship with a woman -- who may or may not turn out to be you -- and can describe this relationship in nonsexual terms.

Elin Guthrie , Los Angeles

Amy Klein wonders if its only Jewish men who lie about their height. Maybe we lie about our height because of the mantra-like repetitions we hear from Jewish women for a tall Jewish male. By the way, has astute Klein figured out how us not-so-tall males are expected to find love also in the Jewish community?

Name Withheld by Request

Aliyah Perspectives

I was glad that you published a piece on Angelenos who have made aliyah, especially since one of them is my daughter, Ariella (whose name was misspelled in the article) ("Aliyah Perspectives," May 9). Concerning Ariella, [Amy] Klein only mentioned a Zionist father, not her mother who equally modeled a strong Jewish identity. Ariella's grandparents contributed as well to the Israel connection by taking her there after her bat mitzvah. Ariella also went to two L.A. Jewish day schools before high school and Camp Ramah.

All of these influences are parts of the whole picture that led to Ariella making aliyah because she feels that there is no other place in the world to be.

Misha Askren, Los Angeles

'Road Map'

[Reuven] Firestone's article opens new doors and new ways of thinking in regards to the Middle East and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict ("'Leasing' of Peace Could Be Best Move," May 9).

Having grown up within an Islamic society, I share Firestone's view that "Normative Islam today cannot make a peace treaty with a Jewish State...." However, for my American and other Ashkenazi friends this may not be so obvious.

Solie Nosrat, Encino

I read with great interest "Peace Opportunity Facing Obstacles" (May 2) by Leslie Susser. No one would like to see the "road map" derailed before it has a chance to get started. We in America are always expecting instant success. We must learn to be patient. The peace process is going to take time.

Ed Rasky, West Hills

Run for the Roses

It's funny that [Bobby] Frankel mentions Buddy Jacobson as his role model ("Trainer Saddles Up to Run for the Roses," May 2). No article about Jews in horse racing would be complete without mention of Buddy's uncle (my great-uncle), the late Hirsch Jacobs.

Hirsch was the first Jewish trainer to be inducted into the National Museum of Racing & Hall of Fame, in Saratoga Springs, N.Y., and was the winningest trainer (and owner) in the history of thoroughbred racing (both in dollars and races won) when he died in 1970 -- and faced anti-Semitism along the way (e.g., being refused membership in the exclusive Jockey Club, which later regretted the snub). Hirsch is still remembered to this day in racing circles. In fact, every year, on the same day as the Preakness, Pimlico Race Track hosts another less famous, but still very special race, the $100,000 Hirsch Jacobs Stakes.

Jacqueline Jacobs Caster, Pacific Palisades

Falling Minds

Concerning Jane Ulman's April 25 cover story, "Failing Minds Fall Prey to Holocaust," our Holocaust Reparations staff at Bet Tzedek also shares the heartbreaking experience of assisting clients struggling with early stages of dementia.

When is their suffering going to stop? In light of this terrible illness that afflicts the elderly, we encourage the New York Conference for Jewish Material Claims Against Germany, (Claims Conference) to increase the allocation of health care funding for Holocaust survivors.

Michael Freeman, Bet Tzedek Legal Services

Miriam Meditations

In the May 16 Journal, columnist Hank Rosenfeld wrote about how difficult it has been to meet women in Los Angeles ("Miriam Meditations"). There is good news, though. Unlike the past, people do now walk in Los Angeles and there are many sidewalks, outdoor malls, mountain trails, farmers' markets and promenades bustling with women certain to attract the writer.

The odds are great that Rosenfeld will meet his soulmate quicker walking than driving. Then we will miss his funny columns about being alone and searching and roaming the Southland.

Chuck Levin, Los Angeles

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