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The RJC is Republican, sure, but Jewish?

Posted on Nov. 7, 2008 at 2:34 am

Larry Greenfield

Fun editorial about Larry Greenfield ("Larry and Me," Oct. 31), the hardworking Jewish Republican.

I too have seen him in debate, and he is always good. Winning smile, yes, but also very substantive ideas and concern for the Jewish people and Israel.
With the election now over, let's take the energy of both sides of the aisle and continue the political discussions. Please make sure Larry's voice appears in The Jewish Journal. He has game.

Ron Rimmon
Cheviot Hills

In response to "Larry and Me," Larry Greenfield is indeed not the lone voice in any political wilderness. For years, I have noticed a rapid run to the Republican Party among my fellow Jews. That party represents our shared Jewish values better than the Democratic Party.

Tikkun olam means healing the world one person at a time, through tzedakah (charity) and individual responsibility and involvement. It does not suggest healing the world through socialism, handouts or any other government-mandated redistribution of wealth -- all of which are actually antithetical to Judaism.

Barak Lurie
Los Angeles

I do not know you as well as Larry, and can only draw from your conclusions that you have a way to go to step into his shoes.

Lily Steiner
Los Angeles

Larry has a better understanding and we are fortunate to have him as our spokesman. We are thinking, educated, well-meaning citizens who see the threat of a very liberal president, vice president, Congress and Senate plus an incredible biased, liberal media, as the end of our freedom and democracy. Where are the checks and balances?

Susanne M. Reyto
Los Angeles

There is a reason Larry Greenfield is so positive -- he knows he is building a California coalition of Jewish Republicans beyond any of our wildest dreams. In a few short years, under Larry's helm, the Republican Jewish Coalition grew from three to over 5,000 when I lost track, from a phone booth to real clout.

Inspiring the rest of the nation, similar growth is now taking place from coast to coast. Regardless of who wins on Tuesday, the numbers will continue to grow. Larry Greenfield has inspired so many of us that he speaks for many thousands now.

Howard Waldow
Studio City

It is time for the Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) to show the "Jewish" part of their name.

McCain national spokesperson Michael Goldfarb accused Barack Obama of having many ties to known anti-Semites on CNN on Oct. 30. When asked by interviewer Rick Sanchez to name those anti-Semites who are associated with Obama, Mr. Goldfarb answered only "that we all know" who these anti-Semites are.

Pressed, Mr. Goldfarb wriggled uncomfortably in his chair but refused to offer any names.

If the RJC does not denounce this blatantly false charge and call for Mr. Goldfarb's immediate dismissal, they risk destroying the Jewish community's credibility to stand against hate speech and anti-Semitism when it truly does occur. Anything less from the RJC would mean that it is time to drop "Jewish" from their name.

Rabbi Mitchel Malkus
Los Angeles

Israeli Jewish Terrorists

I read Arthur Stern's important article ("U.S. Groups Keeping Silent on Jewish Terrorists," Oct. 31). I, an American Jew, am appalled at not only my own silence but the silence of the American Jewish community. Jews terrorizing and killing Jews for religious reasons is a horror. I lift my voice and proclaim my shame and disgust.

I call on all American Jews to pull their support from the terrorist settlers who would kill to get what they want. I call on American Jews to insist on peaceful talks to solve problems.

Nancy Vilma
Los Angeles

Arthur Stern is absolutely correct when he condemns American Jewish organizations for not speaking out about the reign of terror, perpetrated by Jewish settler groups, that has descended on Israel.

Why is it that most Jewish American leaders have aligned themselves with the minority Israeli right, and at cross-purposes with most Jewish Americans?

Pat amp; Jeff Warner
La Habra Heights

Arthur Stern seems unaware of the following press releases: "AJC Condemns Attempted Murder of Israeli Professor Sternhell" (9/26/08) and "AJC Condemns Israeli Settler Violence"(10/27/08) (full texts at www.ajc.org). They should come as no surprise.

American Jewish Committee has consistently spoken out and conducted meaningful diplomacy on behalf of the Jewish community and as a defender of democratic principles and pluralism for over 100 years.

Seth Brysk
Executive Director
American Jewish Committee in Los Angeles

In "Counselors in Demand as College Applications Soar" (Oct. 31), the article incorrectly states that college consultants must visit 50 campuses per year. They must visit 50 campuses to gain entry to a consultants' association.

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