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Rabbi Wolpe on Gordis vs. Brous: Don’t judge the rabbis’ Torah

by Rabbi David Wolpe

Posted on Dec. 4, 2012 at 12:48 pm

Rabbis Daniel Gordis and Rabbi Sharon Brous are both friends of mine, good friends, long time friends.  I have studied with them and debated with them and treasure their character and commitment.  So it was with dismay that I read Mark Parades, a Mormon with close ties to our community and a genuine love of Israel, devote his column to belittling Rabbi Brous’ Jewish teaching.  Mark has spoken at Sinai; I know him to be articulate, sincere and well meaning.  But by what stretch of the imagination does he believe it helpful to judge the Torah of another Rabbi, particularly one so impactful and eminent as Rabbi Brous?

I have watched this debate with increasing dismay.  I will share my thoughts with my two friends.  But to all who do not know, or who doubt, I want to say this clearly: both of these Rabbis are important, learned and sincere teachers and preachers in Israel.  Both love our people, our heritage—and our land. Those who disparage or diminish either should be ashamed of themselves and we should close our ears to the accusations, insinuations and feckless name calling.


Rabbi David Wolpe

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