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Letters to the Editor: Zionism, Elliott Broidy, Chuck Hagel, Howard Berman

Posted on Jan. 16, 2013 at 2:02 pm

A Zionist’s Journey

Thank you for the wonderful article by Tom Doran (“Why I Am a Zionist,” Jan. 11) in which he explains how one can leave the hate-filled, destructive thuggery of the left by using common sense and appreciating “the discrepancies between reality and the dogma” propagated by the left. Of course, this requires obtaining the “certain details [that have] a way of going missing on their way into [mainstream media] print.”

Warren Scheinin, Redondo Beach

Tom Doran’s “Why I Am a Zionist” was a breath of fresh air and deserving of the cover-page attention it was accorded. While he portrayed himself as a leftist and a liberal, secular humanist, his down-to-earth perspective struck me as centrist, if such a place still exists on such matters. 

Roger Schwarz, Los Angeles

A Difficult Confession

I am proud of Elliott Broidy and the interview he had with Rob Eshman (“Elliott Broidy and I Move On,” Jan. 11). It took courage and guts and integrity to sit with Eshman, without anger.

Broidy did wrong, he admitted it, and I am glad Eshman was able to meet him and understand who he is, who the family is, his love of his city, his community and the Jewish people. 

Lynda Dorf, via e-mail

Clarifying Stance on Hagel

AJC Los Angeles would like to clarify a Jan. 11 article, “Jewish Groups Softening Resistance on Hagel Nomination,” that was reprinted from JTA. The piece distorts AJC’s actual position regarding former Sen. Chuck Hagel’s nomination by President Obama for secretary of defense. In fact, AJC has not written letters to senators “urging them to oppose the nomination,” as the piece states, nor has AJC written any letter or released any statement opposing Hagel’s nomination. Rather, AJC has raised specific concerns about the choice of Hagel based on his statements and votes as a United States senator. 

AJC honors Hagel’s record of service to our country and the people of Nebraska. At the same time, his statements and actions on a range of core U.S. national security priorities raise questions that require clarification. AJC has shared our concerns with members of the U.S. Senate who have the responsibility to ask probing questions about Hagel’s record and vision and his alignment with the stated priorities of the administration of President Barack Obama. We look forward to that exchange in the confirmation process. 

Rabbi Mark S. Diamond, Regional Director, AJC Los Angeles

Farewell, Howard Berman

It warmed my heart to read your tribute to former Congressman Howard Berman (“Berman Leaves Congress,” Jan. 11). Just like him to work until the very last moment of his long career.

It was a sad situation when two former friends had to run against each other in a winner-take-all election. More than 30 years ago, Sam and Sooky Goldman; my late husband, Maxwell Hillary Salter; and I hosted his first party to introduce the young, handsome Howard Berman to a large gathering of guests. It was the start of his stellar career as a congressman who served us brilliantly with wisdom and wit. As one of his many admiring friends, I wish that he and his wife will enjoy a new agenda filled with excitement and new adventures, or perhaps just a nice, quiet retirement. Whatever makes them happy.

Janet Salter, Beverly Hills 

Congressman Howard Berman has left the building — the Capitol that is. Beaten by junior Congressman Brad Sherman’s home-court advantage in the new 30th District, the older legislator had nothing to say on his way out the door.

California voters should breathe a sigh of relief. Along with Berman, Peter Stark of Alameda County is gone, a congressman who would insult constituents. Laura Richardson of Carson is also gone, a congresswoman cited for frequent ethical lapses during her three-term tenure. They all represent established incumbents coasting to re-election without fear of serious challengers. Californians should rejoice that redistricting and open primaries have returned the power to the voter, not the politician. 

Arthur Christopher Schaper, Torrance

Republicans Catch a Break

Congratulations to Marty Kaplan for having what I think is his first column not unfairly bashing Republicans for something (“Fear of Fun,” Jan. 11). Keep up the good work, Marty.

Melissa Cohen , via e-mail

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