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Letters to the editor: North Korea, Chris Christie, Pollard and more

Posted on Jan. 29, 2014 at 12:29 pm

Just Say ‘No’ to China

Three years ago, in a letter to the Los Angeles Times, I called for a boycott of China based on its own abuses: from the selling of women by psychiatric hospitals as sexual partners, to forced labor, torture and murder, denial of human rights and the theft of technology and intellectual property (“Holocaust in the Hermit Kingdom,” Jan. 24). We can now add the material support of a “Holocaust” in North Korea to the list. Yes, its mass appropriation of consumer products may make it impossible to rid China from your life, but everyone can find some products so labeled to “just say no” to with a little effort. Much easier and more effective, choose other exotic locations for vacations. China is sensitive to its image and needs to know that it matters to you where your hard currency goes. Think of it as metaphorically substituting the Wailing Wall for the Great Wall.

Mitch Paradise, Los Angeles

Thanks to the Journal for an excellent article on the evil that goes on in North Korea.  We all should be aware of how evil and dictatorial government can get when it becomes way too big. Unfortunately, even here in the United States we need to learn that lesson now. 

P.S.: Shame on you, Dennis Rodman.

Melissa Cohen via e-mail

An Excessively Punitive Punishment

Thank you, David Suissa, for focusing on the unfair and un-American treatment of Jonathan Pollard (“Pollard Case Is About America,” Jan. 24). The concept of principles before personalities keeps our lady justice meting out sentences wearing blinders. It is, as you say, unjust for Pollard to be imprisoned for almost 30 years now. He gave up the right to a trial, pleaded guilty and deserved to be sentenced. But, comparing the sentences of all other spies, for both allies and enemies, Pollard’s punishment of life in prison clearly did not fit his crime; it is grossly disproportionate and excessive. Precedents and justice ring loudly now for his release.

Daniel Ben-Zvi via e-mail

Saying ‘Yes’ to Bibi

I have read recently many good articles by people who are very concerned about the increasing acute international isolation of Israel, but none of them did it so well as David Suissa’s “Expose the Enemy: Say Yes” (Jan. 17). I am especially impressed by his brilliant solution for disarming the global anti-Israeli movement (the most recent being a condemnation by the Modern Language Association). I pray that [Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu]
applies it ASAP, before we become the pariah of the world.

Yona Sabar via e-mail

Sorry, David. The problem that you have identified, the isolation of Israel engineered by its “peace partner” in active collaboration with the EU, is a serious problem.  Your confidence, however, that Israel’s agreement to Secretary of State John Kerry’s framework will change perceptions about Israel is endearing in its hopeful innocence, but it is woefully misplaced.

Chip Bronson, Stephanie London, Beverly Hills 

Pointing Out the Heavy

Marty Kaplan’s column on Gov. Chris Christie (“Christie’s Weiner,” Jan. 17) raises an important issue in U.S. (even world) politics. That is, the necessity of calling out the bully in the public space as soon as identified. Bringing a [Donald] Rumsfeld, [Rush] Limbaugh or [Dick] Cheney to public accountability in a responsible, thoughtful and certainly persistent manner is essential for the world we desire. The alternative is just too ugly.

Robin Sklar-Doyno, Los Angeles

You recently wrote that you find it almost inconceivable that Gov. Christie could not have known about the despicable act of closing down the George Washington Bridge as political retribution. Forgive me if I missed it, but did you write any articles questioning President Barack Obama’s claims that he knew nothing about the most recent scandals on his watch, such as the National Security Agency’s overreach, the IRS’ targeting of the president’s political opponents, the murders of four Americans in Benghazi, “Fast and Furious” gun-running and, of course, the lie about us being able to keep our doctors and insurance under the Affordable Care Act?  Why no articles about these far bigger, more serious abuses and the Commander-in-Chief claiming to know nothing about any of them?  

Mitch Silberman, via e-mail

Reader Just Wants to Have Fun

I love the Jewish Journal. I read it cover to cover every week. I have for many years, too. I have always wondered one thing: Why don’t you have a regular weekly (or monthly) humor column? Dude, the Journal can be so heavy some times. It just needs a little punch, you know? I am sure you have your connections who can get you your own Erma Bombeck, Art Buchwald, Lewis Grizzard, etc.

Michael Raileanu via e-mail

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