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Posted on Nov. 9, 2000 at 7:00 pm

David Myers

I read with great interest the two letters to the editor which expressed some displeasure with the article written by Prof. David Myers ("Facing Truths," Oct. 27). Although I too have reservations about some of the points dealing with Israel in Myers' article, we should all take pride in the extent to which we, the Jewish people, emphasize the values of pluralism and diversity of thought. Voices of morality and reason thatoffer differing opinions only strengthen the Jewish community and should always be encouraged.At the same time, I believe that the day when our neighbors in the Middle East witness their own scholars - their professors of Islam - freely express such moderate and nonconventional viewpoints (especially in Arabic), will be the day that peace finally arrives to our corner of the Middle East.

Yuval Rotem, Consul General of Israel

Prof. David Myers is correct in his analysis about two peoples that differ must both compromise and settle their differences to arrive at the ultimate solution of shalom or salaam.

Unfortunately, it will not work if one of the peoples have one goal in mind - the destruction of the State of Israel and getting rid of all Jews.

If the Palestinian children growing up today are being taught to hate Jews, then any "peace treaty" is hypocritical and a sham.

Irving Dubin.Camarillo

Hope Deficit

James D. Besser's article ("The Hope Deficit," Oct. 27) was one of the most depressing evaluations of the mindset of "mainstream American Jews."

I find it hard to believe that Jews can believe that a peace agreement can be readily negotiated between people whose cultures are as diverse as those of Israeli Jews and Palestinian Arabs. How can Jews expect that Arabs - who in the past destroyed synagogues and desecrated cemeteries in Jerusalem, practice suicide bombings and teach their children hatred of Jews in their schools - can be negotiated with on a rational basis? All I can conclude is that the despairing Jews referred to in the article are people incapable of rational thinking.

The present Palestinian uprising should be a wake-up call for Jewish leftists here and in Israel as to the nature of their Arab neighbors.

To say that "right wingers... have little to offer a despairing Jewish community" just boggles my mind. The solution to the problems that exist in Israel will be worked out by the Israelis and not by leftist American Jews.

I also have reservations as to the accuracy of Besser's evaluation of the situation that he discussed because of his obvious leftist leaning.

Stanley R. Kleinman, Bishop

Birthday Mitzvah

I attended my granddaughter's 10th birthday party the other day. It was the usual party: Lazer Tag, pizza and ice cream cake. The ride home, though, was what made this birthday party different.

My daughter had printed on the invitation, in lieu of a gift to the birthday girl, to please bring an unwrapped gift for a child that would be dropped off at a shelter for abused and homeless women and children. My granddaughter embraced the idea wholeheartedly.

Our three-car caravan stopped by the shelter. We weren't allowed inside the shelter, so we left the toys at the door. All of my granddaughter's friends felt real good as they put down teddy bears and various gifts children would enjoy.

When children receive so much, how nice to have them give back a little.

Miriam Fiber, Los Angeles

Online Lighting Times

Your paper has Shabbat candlelighting times on the front cover, but I cannot seem to locate the same information anywhere in the online version. How come? I'm sure many folks like me get their subscriptions at home, but might be at work or elsewhere on Fridays.

Adrienne Scholz, Huntington Beach

Editor's Note: This week, we will being posting a regular link to candlelighting times on The Jewish Journal's Web page: www.jewishjournal.com.

Inspirational Youth

We too were asking our 20-year-old daughter, Lucy, to return from Israel ("Majoring in Courage," Nov. 3), but have since stopped.We hope and pray that all these wonderful young people who have decided to stay during this very difficult time will be safe. They are an inspiration to us all.

Louise Green, Santa Monica

Safety Concern

The next time the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles and Board of Rabbis plan a communitywide event, I suggest that they choose a more user-friendly site.

I arrived 15 minutes early at Sinai Temple for the Israel Solidarity Rally on Oct. 16, only to be instructed by a security guard that the parking garage was "for Sinai members only."

After unsuccessfully searching for a space for six blocks - and not wanting to walk in the dark alone - I left. I shouldn't have to uphold Israel's right to safety by jeopardizing my own.

Elaine Schmidt, Los Angeles


In the Aug. 11 article "Sites of Passage," Paul Wieder is listed as a writer for Chicago Jewish News. He writes for JUF News.

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