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Letter to the Editor: Rabbi Sharon Brous vs. Rabbi Daniel Gordis: Betrayal or compassion?

Posted on Dec. 3, 2012 at 4:21 pm

To the editor,

Equating Rabbi Brous with Rabbi Gordis is almost laughable - if it weren't so sad.

Brous is soft on Israel. Read her LAJJ article after the pro-Israel (Flotilla) rally organized by the Israeli Consulate a few years ago, where she equated the rally with a Lakers rally, and expresses her sympathy for the 'Peace Now' speaker. She is quick to criticize Israel from her comfortable and secure rocking chair here in the States.

Jeffrey Goldberg put it best when he tweeted, “Rabbi Daniel Gordis asks Rabbi Sharon Brous to love Jews a little more than she loves Palestinians.” That was the point, plain and simple.

On the other hand, Rabbi Gordis is a true lover of Israel, a true role model. When he criticizes Israel (and he does - often) he has the moral right (unlike Brous) and his criticism is credible (unlike Brous).

If Brous wants to criticize the way Israel handles the Palestinian situation, she needs to follow Gordis' example - make aliyah,  pay Israeli taxes, send her kids to serve in the IDF. Until she does she needs to understand that her criticism is meaningless, and worse, it only strengthens those trying to deligitimize and destroy Israel.

Paul Jeser

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