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August 21, 1997 | 8:00 pm

We enjoyed your interesting cover story ("Wave of the Future," Aug. 15), but take exception to Rabbi Mark Hyman's comment: "This is the first generation residing in this neighborhood. No... read full article
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    August 14, 1997 | 8:00 pm

    After reading your interesting July 18 story "Beyond Their Means?" we are writing to share an exciting, quality and low-cost alternative to pricey Jewish day schools: Jewish homeschooling.

    We are two Jewish families that have chosen homeschooling for the past two years. We each...

  • LettersThe Real Steven

    August 7, 1997 | 8:00 pm

    Unauthorized biographies are just that, and even a little less!Joseph McBride's error-laden tome which Robert Eshman reviewed("Beach Bio Bingo," July 18), is so typical of that genre that I amcompelled to comment. I feel I have a right and a duty to do so sinceI am one of the...
  • LettersPublic vs. Day Schools

    July 31, 1997 | 8:00 pm

    It was with dismay and embarrassment that I read
    your cover story "Beyond Their Means" (July 18). As a
    committed Jew, I am appalled at the attitude of the
    people quoted in the article who seem to think that their
    children have the "right" to a Jewish day school
    education. It astounds...
  • LettersDefending Dad

    July 24, 1997 | 8:00 pm

    A copy of the Jewish Journal of March 21 has just come to my possession with an article entitled "An Unfashionable Opinion" by Sally Ogle Davis. This is based on the film "Shine" and an interview with Gillian and David Helfgott.

    Davis describes David's father's depiction in the film...

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    July 17, 1997 | 8:00 pm

    Responses to Sexuality

    I was disappointed by your June 27 issue, which overall equates non-marital sex with maturity, and warns parents not to be judgmental about their children's behavior. In light of evidence showing that people who are sexually active prior to marriage have more...

  • LettersBilingual Blues

    July 10, 1997 | 8:00 pm

    I have just read the article "Bilingual Blues," by Joel Kotkin in the June 20 issue, and agree with him in supporting the initiative "English for Children," provided the assimilationist ideology of the "one nation" concept is deleted from the measure.

    I am a credentialed elementary...

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    July 3, 1997 | 8:00 pm

    On March 18 and 19, I took a trip with my school to Los Angeles' Simon Weisenthal Center and Museum of Tolerance. After we got back, we found a swastika and a Christian Identity sign, both signs of racist, white supremacist groups, spray-painted on our shot put ring. This is a way...

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