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by Abby Gilad

Posted on Jun. 16, 2005 at 8:00 pm

Yard Signs Card

These are made from yard sign sticks, which you can buy at a garden store. Create and place these signs on the lawn so your dad can read them as he drives up to the house.

What You Need

* Lawn care signs/sticks

* Poster board

* Hole punch

* Scissors

* Pencil or pen

* Markers

* Other decorative items such as ribbons, feathers, beads, etc.

* Tacky glue

How to Make It

1. Remove the original signs off the sticks.

2. Trace around the sign onto the poster board. Be sure to also trace the hole. Repeat for as many signs as you wish to make.

3. Cut out the signs.

4. Hole punch on the marked area.

5. Decorate the signs with markers or other decorative items.

6. Use tape or tacky glue to adhere the poster board to the lawn care signs for extra durability.

7. Arrange the signs on the lawn so your dad, grandpa or uncle will see them when he comes home from work.

Here is a moving collection of heartfelt stories and stirring photographs celebrating and honoring the lives of contemporary American Jewish fathers:

"Jewish Fathers: A Legacy of Love" with photographs by Lloyd Wolf, interviews by Paula Wolfson and a foreword by Rabbi Harold Kushner (Jewish Lights, 2004)

So, DAD is a palindrome (reads the same backward and forward). Solve these clues to find these others:

A female sheep __ __ __

A kind of canoe __ __ __ __ __

Jewish bread __ __ __ __ __ __

The first woman __ __ __

A Hebrew girl's name, meaning "springtime" __ __ __ __ __



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