Jewish Journal

If You Wanna Be Happy

by Abby Gilad

Posted on Sep. 26, 2002 at 8:00 pm

If You Wanna Be Happy

During these holidays, Jews are commanded to be joyful.

The Hebrew word for happy is sameach.

The Hebrew word for festival or holiday is chag.

Find and circle those words in the phrase below, which means: "And you shall be happy on your festival"


Dance 'Til You Drop!

We hold the Torah and dance in a circle seven times on Simchat Torah to celebrate the completion of the old cycle of reading and the beginning of the new one.

Complete this poem. All the words rhyme with Torah!

Come on Wendy, Jake and ________ (a girl's name)

Let's dance the ____________ (name of Israeli dance) around the Torah.

We'll dance 'til we reach ______ - ______ (an island in Polynesia).

We'll jump 'til we fall on the _______- a (it's below the ceiling).

Because our legs and arms are ______- a (when you exercise too much).

But if you sleep, please don't ________- a (you do this through your nose and mouth).

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