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For the Kids

by Abby Gilad

Posted on Jun. 3, 2004 at 8:00 pm

Don't Supersize

It's the home stretch. A few more weeks and you're free! So here's a lesson about freedom and food: In the movie "Supersize Me," the actor experiments with eating all the fast food he can eat and always ordering it supersized. He gains a lot of weight and gets very sick. In Parshat Behalotecha, the Israelites complain that they have no meat, God gives them so much meat that they never want to look at meat again.

Just because you are free to eat anything you want, that doesn't mean you should. Be careful, be responsible, help your parents keep you healthy by eating healthy.

Ode to an Odd-Looking Carrot

by Devorah Friedman of North Hollywood

This is an odd-looking carrot

But it is so very neat

It could be a poor guy's legs

So I can bite his feet.

Or it can be some chopsticks

For the Chinese.

So when they eat neatly

Their mothers will be pleased.

Or it can be tweezers

for my ears and nose

So I won't have to worry

If my ear hair grows!

Well, since this carrot

has been here for so long,

I think we should put it away.

So we'll send it to my stomach

Right now, without delay!

For her poem, Devorah gets a scoop

of Baskin-Robbins

ice cream.

Young Leaders

The 11th Young Jewish Leadership Diplomatic Seminar will be held July 25-Aug. 13, 2004. Do you feel you are a young Jewish leader? If you do, download an application to this seminar and send it to the Consulate General of Israel in Los Angeles, attention: Yariv Ovadia, no later than June 10, 2004. Applicants will be interviewed and nominated by each Israeli Consulate. Applications may be downloaded from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Web site at www.mfa.gov.il.

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