Jewish Journal

For the Kids

by Abby Gilad

Posted on Dec. 18, 2003 at 7:00 pm


The holiday of lights is here
It gives me such a lift
When candles burn so bright and clear
That I can see my gift!

Have You Lost Your Marbles?

Well, you better find them to make this chanukiah!

You will need:

Nine glass jars (baby food jars work) and colored marbles.

Acetate (a clear hard plastic sheet that can be cut with scissors).

Decorate the outside of the jars with Stars of David or Chanukah symbols.

Arrange the jars in a line and fill them with the marbles. Make sure you fill the middle jar higher so that the shamash candle will be higher than the others. Cut out nine circles from the acetate to fit over the tops of the jars.

Make a slit in the middle of each circle large enough to insert a candle.

Now you have your own beautiful chanukiah.

Or try this sweeter version:
Buy nine sufganiyot (jelly donuts) or cupcakes. Line them up.
Wrap the bottoms of the candles in tin foil (to keep them from dripping on the delectable donuts).
Stick them in the middle of each pastry. Yum!
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