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September 20, 2010

Temple, God, Dating, Men, Fame, Celebrity & Keeping The Faith



-  I had an interesting weekend.  It was Yom Kipper and a lot of my time was spent in Temple.  I prayed, repented, let it all go, and embraced a new year.  I am always searching for Jewish knowledge.  I enjoy my faith, would like to learn more, and the older I get the more important it becomes to me.

A couple of years ago I was introduced to a new temple by a friend. I have reconnected to Judaism at this temple and found my way back to God after many years of searching for faith, but not really connecting.  The Rabbi at this temple gives great sermons and I could relate to what he was saying.

Over the high holidays however, I became a little disconnected.  It turns out that while the temple is fabulous, it is no longer where I belong.  I will continue to support this very special place, but it’s time for me to find a new spiritual home.  I need to find a place where I can relate.

If you live in the Los Angeles area and love your temple and Rabbi, I would like to hear from you.  I’m on a search and I look forward to finding my way home. I don’t want to feel that I don’t understand what is being said, and I don’t want to feel that I am being judged for not being Jewish enough.  It will be a place where everyone is welcome, regardless of their level of observance.

-  I’ve done a lot of blogging lately about my personal search for love.  It’s my favorite thing to write about because I love the comments I get.  Last week I wrote about looking for love and I got an interesting email from a gentleman I’ll call “Jeff” who’s opinions have been fascinating. His emails were so enlightening that I agreed to meet him for lunch to learn more.

To hear his stories of online dating were very interesting, and truth be told, rather scary.  Jeff let me know I’m not an average female online dater.  There are women in my age group who have sex with men they meet online on their first date!  I assume they are sexually aware and open, but to men they are desperate middle-aged women searching for love.

For me, if I write to a man online, he has three days to write back.  According to Jeff, if a man has not written back in 24 hours, he’s not interested and if he does write after 24 hours, he’s a game player and I should stay away.  I can’t wait to play the online dating game with the help of Jeff.  I wonder how it will change when my actions are guided by what a man thinks.

I’m going to let him be my dating coach and see if it makes a difference.  He is 50, divorced, nice looking, and searching for something himself.  The main difference between us is that I am very clear on my goal while he is unsure of what he wants.  In the end I might be able to help him too.  I think men are also looking or love, they are just not able to admit it.

- On Sunday afternoon I went to my favorite singles hang out, Whole Foods.  As I was walking around getting my staples, I noticed there was an A-List celebrity doing his shopping.  He was smaller than what I imagined him to be, and looked like he needed to wash his hair, but it was him. I looked for a second and went on my way to the sushi bar. 

At the prepared food counter, a kid who was about eleven years old walked over, at the encouragement of his mom, and asked for his autograph.  The celebrity responded by saying he was shopping, not working, and could not sign.  The kid was clearly disappointed and the mother was sad for her kid.  She hugged him, and they walked away. 

I found a business card, which lists my blog address, and handed the card to the celebrity, and told him to read today as I would be talking about him. I really hope he is reading.  I imagine his ego is big enough to make him look so here we go: The only reason you have a career is because of kids like that.  He helped buy your house you selfish pig.

How dare you not give this little boy an autograph?  Who the hell do you think you are?  If you don’t want to talk to your fans then send your assistant to buy your food.  I can understand if you were eating, or with your own family, but you were on your own and this was just a kid. Next time a little boy approaches you, talk to him for 30 seconds, sign a piece of paper and make his day. 

Instead of him going to school today saying what a hero you are, he will tell people you are a douchelord and you deserve it.  As a single mom, spending money on entertainment is an extravagance.  I have spent a small fortune taking my son to the movies when he was little, and even more now as he goes to the movies every weekend with his friends. 

You need to stop and think about that actor man.  I support your work by giving my kid $20 to go see your movies.  If you are not going to appreciate my hard earned money, then I won’t waste it on my kid going to see your movies. You hurt a little kid for no reason.  You need to check yourself.  A little gratitude and humility would be good for you. 

- It was a very interesting weekend.  I’m ready to start the New Year with a clear mind and a hopeful heart.  I am searching for peace, faith, enlightenment, and joy.  I think this year is going to get me closer to all of it.  It’s time for all the pieces to come together and I believe they will if I focus on keeping the faith.

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