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July 20, 2010

Real Housewives of New Jersey is a Soap Opera and has Hit Rock Bottom



Ashley Holmes Laurita

At some point Andy Cohen and the suits at Bravo are going to need to decide how important money is.  They had a great idea, we all bought in, we are invested, and have been supportive.  That said, we’re done.  You have flushed your brilliant housewives franchise down the toilet.

It’s much easier to watch this show if you think of it as a soap opera, not real people.  When you separate the real people, from the characters they have become, it’s easier to watch, but still not entertaining.  The women of New Jersey are completely embarrassing.

Teresa and Joe are fascinating.  In the beginning I thought they were adorable.  He loved her, they had beautiful children, and were old school in terms of their roles.  It was charming and you felt they worked hard, and lived life to the fullest.  Cut to now, not so much.

These two are not good people.  They may be loving great parents, but they are not good.  Their financial troubles are mounting, and while we don’t know the details of their situation, we can safely assume they are unethical, dishonest, and not handling things honorably.

Danielle is a mess, and she is harming her children.  She is mentally unstable and it’s not a healthy thing for her daughters to see.  I believe Teresa pushed her to this dark place.  She was the neighborhood cougar last year but she was not crazy until they messed with her.

The other ladies talk about how she is trying to take down “the family”, but the fact is they have been trying to push her over the edge for a long time.  To listen to her at the fighting ring in front of her children is heartbreaking, and shows how disgusting Bravo is to let it continue.

Kim G is the newest housewife and she is troubling.  She is stirring the pot, playing both sides of the fence in the war of the ladies, and she is not well if you ask me.  I feel bad for her because she is adorable and there is something lovely about her, but she has gone into the deep end.

When this show started, we watched because it was interesting to see how wealthy women lived.  They did not work, they raised their kids, had beautiful homes and loving husbands.  It was a life that was interesting to take a peek into.  They were wealthy, but regular, and it was great.

Over time it has become clear that these were not regular women as much as they were embroiled in a mess of secrets, lies, and unethical behavior.  This show is everything that is wrong with reality television, and Bravo has an obligation to these women, and the viewers, to stop it.

The only good thing about the housewives of NJ is that if alien life forms are watching us, planning to take over our planet, they will see these chicks and bail.  If people outside of the US are watching this show, it paints a horrible picture of what suburban life is like in America.

Caroline has been my favorite.  I feel for her in terms of getting ready for her kids to be gone, but she needs a reality check.  News flash Caroline, Ashley did not do what she did to protect her mother.  She did it because she is an out of control teenager who feels trapped at home.

Caroline has a way of twisting every bad thing that happens in a way that makes her friends and family look innocent.  As the weeks go on it would appear she spends a lot of time spinning the truth into things that we are just not buying.  Her credibility is gone.

Danielle is a mess, Danny is in love with her, and watching them is uncomfortable.  I find it disturbing to watch all the plotting.  Danielle says to Danny that she “wants to live her life without validation”.  What does that mean?  This woman needs to be getting help, not on television.

Albie reads the letter from school to his parents, and Caroling has to ask what it means.  These women are hard working wives and dedicated parents, but they are uneducated, unsophisticated, and not smart enough to walk away from a show that makes them look ridiculous.

Danielle presses charges against Ashley.  It may not be a popular position, but I think it’s good she did.  Ashley needs to learn there are consequences for her actions.  For Danielle to have let it go would have been a mistake.  She’s crazy, but in this matter, her actions are justified.

Caroline calls Jacqueline over and tells her Albert got a call to say Danielle was pressing charges.  Why are people in the police department, or the courthouse, calling Albert to tell him what is happening? Something stinks in New Jersey and it’s getting worse with each second.

This is my last blog about the ladies of New Jersey.  I can’t tell Andy Cohen to cut these ladies loose and continue to watch the horror show.  This show is unwatchable, and I’m done.  Will Bravo walk away from the money and do the right thing by these women?  I’m keeping the faith.

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