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Jersey Shore Is Going Persian

By Ilana Angel

April 8, 2010 | 3:44 pm

Original Jersey Shore Cast

Jersey Shore was last year’s guilty pleasure.  Everyone watched or, or at least heard of it.  By heard of it, of course I mean we know you watched it. We got sucked into the shore and the... read on

  • Happy Birthday To Me

    By Ilana Angel

    April 8, 2010 | 12:54 am

    I turned 44 yesterday.  I can remember when I thought being in your 40’s meant you were old.  I am not old.  I am blessed to have a young thinking mind, and attitude.  That’s not to say I’m not mature and grown up, it just means that I have a young spirit.

    This is the best... read on

  • Kate Gosselin Needs an Attitude Adjustment & Jon Gosselin is a Douchelord

    By Ilana Angel

    April 7, 2010 | 1:36 am

    I was seriously hoping that Kate Gosselin would finally get the boot off of Dancing With the Stars.  It’s bad enough that her dancing blows, but this chick never smiles.  She looks constipated, angry, and miserable.  She needs a attitude adjustment, and I wanted nothing more than... read on

  • DWTS:  Buzz Aldrin Crashes and Burns, but Kate Gosselin Needs to Go Home

    By Ilana Angel

    April 6, 2010 | 1:13 am

    If someone had told me that one day I would look forward to Monday nights, so I could snuggle up on the couch, and watch two hours of ballroom dancing, I would tell them they were crazy. Dancing With The Stars is the number one show in America, and for good reason.

    This show is fun... read on

  • Spring has Sprung,  Hope is Alive & Ricky Martin Inspires

    By Ilana Angel

    April 5, 2010 | 9:19 am

    It was bound to happen.  If you don’t allow yourself to get discouraged, think positive, take it all with a grain of salt, and remember to laugh, even when you want to cry, it will happen.  Eventually, you are going to have a good date.  If you’re lucky, he thinks it was a good... read on

  • Tiger Woods:  Who Cares?  Play Golf!

    By Ilana Angel

    April 4, 2010 | 1:26 pm

    Tiger Woods is a pig.  There is no denying it.  He slept with countless women, while he was married, and put the health of his wife and children at risk by engaging in unprotected sex.  Ok.  We’ve all read about it, we’ve all got an opinion about it, and we will all be watching... read on

  • Ricky Martin is gay?  Big deal.  So was my date last night.

    By Ilana Angel

    April 2, 2010 | 8:12 am

    There was no real surprise this week, when Ricky Martin came out of the closet, and declared that he was a gay man.  Did he think we did not know?  Was he honestly expecting us to be shocked?  Come on Ricky.  We all knew you were gay Sweetie, and have been waiting years for you to... read on

  • Clooney, Andy Cohen, JDate, Bethany Frankel, Wendy Williams, Sarah Palin, Jesse James & Playboy

    By Ilana Angel

    April 1, 2010 | 12:39 pm

    George Clooney tracked me down through the Jewish Journal, and called this morning.  He let me know that he loves me, thinks I am stunning, reads my blog everyday, and wants to marry me.  He is converting to Judaism, having my name tattooed on his chest, and naming his home in Italy,... read on

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