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Donny Osmond? Whatever!

By Ilana Angel

November 25, 2009 | 12:36 pm

My son is going to the KISS concert tonight at the Staples Center and in a feeble attempt to be the coolest mom ever I am going with him.  We will be a group of 4 kids and 4 moms and I will... read on

  • ABC on ABC

    By Ilana Angel

    November 24, 2009 | 10:27 am

    Last night started out with a 21 year old writing me on JDate to ask if I wanted to date his dad who it turns out is only 40.  As I came to terms with this new phase of my dating life I was thankful for the ABC Television Network and by thankful of course I mean it’s time.  Time... read on

  • Matchmaker Matchmaker

    By Ilana Angel

    November 23, 2009 | 10:55 am

    With the holidays fast approaching and the end of the year in sight I decided to have Sunday brunch at my home with friends.  Life gets busy and we make plans to see each other but weeks turn into months so rather than just talk about it I made a plan.

    It was a wonderful afternoon... read on

  • Cesar Milan: Love Whisperer

    By Ilana Angel

    November 20, 2009 | 1:49 pm

    After spending countless hours and insane amounts of money searching for love I have discovered what has been missing from my plan.  It turns out there is one sure fire thing that opens the door to meeting men and I feel quite comfortable saying that it is guaranteed to also work for... read on

  • Starbucks

    By Ilana Angel

    November 19, 2009 | 1:24 pm

    I can’t remember when going to Starbucks became an acceptable date but meeting someone for a cup of coffee is not a date it’s an interview and I think it’s unacceptable and am so surprised when people write on their JDate profiles that their idea of a perfect first date is... read on

  • Twitter

    By Ilana Angel

    November 18, 2009 | 12:27 pm

    Yesterday I officially joined Twitter and sent my first Tweet which is awesome but I think it’s important to come clean and share that I have no idea how it works or if I did it correctly but my blog is now being tweeted and while I feel very cool to be able to say “hey I just... read on

  • Cougar Town

    By Ilana Angel

    November 17, 2009 | 9:44 am

    It took me a minute to get onboard but I now love the show Cougar Town, Wednesday nights at 9:30 on ABC, and even though I have never dated anyone who was more than 3 years younger than me, and even then it bugged me a bit that I was the old one in the couple, I envy those who can... read on

  • Soulmates

    By Ilana Angel

    November 16, 2009 | 11:14 am

    According to Wikipedia: a soulmate is somebody with whom one has a feeling of deep and natural affinity, love, intimacy, sexuality, spirituality, and/or compatibility. A related concept is that of the twin flame or twin soul – which is thought to be the ultimate soulmate, the one... read on

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