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by Ilana Angel

January 6, 2010 | 2:07 pm

I am not ashamed to admit that I loved Conveyor Belt of Love on ABC.  It was silly and ridiculous and fantastic fun.  I think Keiko should have her own show.  She was hilarious and when she told the guy “I want you to worship me”, I laughed out loud.  I would rather watch this show for 48 consecutive hours than 5 minutes of Find My Family and it’s miserable hosts.  I hope they do more.  It was mindless entertainment and sometimes we need that.

I referred to my son as “delicious” in a blog and a reader wrote to say it was creepy.  Is she kidding?  I love my son and he is quite simply delicious.  Sarah wrote to say this word should only be used to describe toddlers or babies and referring to a teenager as delicious was sexually inappropriate.  Some people are just sad and that she took the time to write me such nonsense makes me sad for her.  I was hurt when I read her comment and in the end all I can do it laugh at the absurdity of it and wish her well. 

I don’t understand why I get emails online from men who live in another state.  When they write from another country I assume it’s a green card thing and say thanks but no thanks but the guys who write from around the country and want to chat, I just don’t get.  Especially when they list in their profile that they are not willing to relocate.  Why are they writing?  Is it silly to start up a conversation with a man in New York?  Are we going to meet for coffee in Chicago?  I just think it’s weird and those who do it and have found love, bravo.  You are braver and far less cynical than I am.

I blogged that my teenage son had an opinion about who I dated and a reader wrote to say that I was sick and crossing the line in terms of my son’s involvement in my life.  Who are these people? Reiner, you are a loon.  I have a healthy and fantastic relationship with my child.  If he has an opinion, about anything, I am going to listen and give it value.  Just because he is a child does not mean he cannot have a voice.  I think you should go on a date with Sarah.  You two have a lot to talk about and clearly both have a lot of time on your hands to dedicate to each other.

I want to give a shout out to my new friend Ben who I met though my friend Andy.  I was having a tough time having to deal with stupid people and he put it all into perspective.  Thank you Ben.

Is it wrong that I every time my family calls from Canada to complain about how cold it is and how much snow they are getting I tell them I’m wearing a t-shirt and flip flops? 

I was going to write a comment about Charlie Sheen but I learned my lesson after I wrote about Tiger Woods so I will bite my tongue and all I will say is Oy Vey!

Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to talking to you tomorrow.  To Sarah and Reiner, good luck to you both and by good luck of course I mean get a life.  I’m going to let all your rubbish go, take a deep breath and keep the faith.

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