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MTV’s Jersey Shore Israeli “Stalker” Wants To Set The Record Straight. Well, Her Mom Does.

by Ilana Angel

May 20, 2010 | 9:15 am

Danielle on Jersey Shore

I was hooked on Jersey Shore from the moment I saw it.  It’s wildly entertaining, while being freakishly disturbing.  Like so many reality television junkies, I am hooked.  Last season, I thought it was cool that an episode would feature Pauly D dating an Israeli girl.  It was cool until we met the girl, Danielle.

Danielle was quickly depicted as a little off, and labeled a stalker almost from the moment she appeared.  I wrote a blog about it, and I called it, like I saw it, which was quite brutal.  She was a stalker, totally crazy, and in one show, undid all the good that Bar Refaeli did to promote how fabulous Israeli chicks are.

Here is the original post about Danielle’s appearance on Jersey Shore.

You can imagine my surprise when I got a call from The Jewish Journal, to let me know that Israeli Stalker Danielle’s mom, Miriam, was looking for me.  She read my blog, and got in touch with the paper.  She wanted to have a word with me.  Oy Vey.  Why would she possibly want to get in touch with me, other than to yell?  And why did she wait four months to call?

I called Miriam, and she told me her daughter had been dragged though the mud, and she wanted to set the record straight.  She was a mother, protecting her child, yet made no mention of my blog, or the fact that I had done a little bit of the dragging.  All she was concerned about, was clearing her daughter’s name. She’s on a mission to help her little girl, as any good mother would be.

Miriam told me MTV had ruined her daughter’s life, and she was hoping to get an attorney, so she could sue them for defamation of character.  She says the way they edited her daughter’s participation in Jersey Shore, was not only inaccurate, but had thrown Danielle’s life into a tailspin.  Danielle had gone back to Israel, and would not return to New Jersey.

Apparently, when Pauly D met Danielle, his pick up line to her was, “We are going to have the same last name one day.”  After watching Pauly D on the first season of Jersey Shore, you almost have to believe her, because nobody would honestly believe they could get away with such a cheesy, ridiculous line, other than one of the boys from the shore.

There was a lot of talk about the t-shirt that Danielle gave Pauly D that said “I Heart Jewish Girls”, and that her giving it to him, made her a stalker.  What we did not see, was that the day before, Pauly D gave Danielle a bracelet that said “I Heart Italian Guys”.  Her t-shirt gift on it’s own may be creepy, but throw the bracelet in, and it becomes cute and funny.

Pauly D was all over Danielle for weeks.  He was trying really hard to hook up with her, and when she made it clear she was not going to sleep with him, he got annoyed, and labeled her a stalker.  I’m thinking he felt he could get people to forget that we saw him crash and burn with the Israeli chick, by making it look like she was a stalker.  Nice try Pauly.  You tried to bang the entire Jersey Shore, and when someone said no, you were a putz.

MTV made it look like they met, and she immediately started stalking him.  According to Miriam, they met in a club, and went out quite a few times.  Pauly D was actively pursuing her.  He was coming by the store where she worked, calling her, and putting on his “Guido” charm.  He even met Miriam, and charmed her too.  It was a prolonged period of time, not a couple days.

To hear Miriam talk about it is quite heartbreaking.  She is a mother, who sees her daughter’s pain, and wants to fix it.  Danielle is young, and rather naïve.  Her mother says she was swept away by Pauly D.  He paid attention to her, and made her feel like she was “the one”.  That is a hard thing to walk away from.  I’ve certainly met a charming guy, and got so caught up in the hope, that no matter how much I knew he was lying, I wanted to believe.

I feel bad for Miriam.  As a mother, I can hear in her voice how sad she is that someone has hurt her child. Danielle was so devastated by the show, and how it portrayed her, that she left New Jersey and went back to Israel, with no plans to return.  The difficult thing for her now, is that the first season of Jersey Shore is going to air in Israel this summer, and the nightmare will follow her there.

As a Jew, and a mother, I felt an obligation to help Miriam.  She wants her daughter to return to New Jersey, and honestly feels one accurate article, particularly in a Jewish publication, would help.  She wanted me to put it out there, that she needs an attorney, who will be brave enough to take on MTV, and help her repair Danielle’s reputation.  The thing is, I don’t think Danielle cares all that much.

When you talk to Miriam, you believe her.  Once I spoke to Danielle however, I felt bad for her mom, because Danielle does not seem that concerned.  Danielle is an interesting girl, and by interesting, I mean a little off.  After calling her 10 times, I managed to speak with her a total of 4 times, and she blew me off each time, with lame reasons for not being able to talk.

The first time I reached her, she told me she was expecting my call, as her mother told her I was going to write an article to “set the record straight”.  I explained to her that I had written about her being a stalker, and if she wanted to clarify, I would happily write another article, explaining her side of the story.  She was not that interested.

She told me she was getting off of work, and could I call her in 20 minutes, when she was off the bus and back home.  I called her 25 minutes later, and she told me she was too tired to talk, and could I call her the next day.  I called the next day and she did not answer.  I called her six times.  That’s when I started to get calls from Miriam, asking me why I had not spoken to Danielle.  I assured Miriam I had called, and she asked me to please keep trying.

I spoke with Danielle a few days later, and told her how much her mother loved her, and was worried about her, and if I could help, I would.  She told me she was working, and could not talk.  I asked her when would be a good time, and when I called back at the time she suggested, she did not answer.  I called Miriam to tell her I had tried, but thought perhaps Danielle was not into talking.  She asked me to try again.

I called and explained to Danielle that if she wanted to set the record straight, she needed to talk to me, because unless I heard it all from her, it was just the ranting of a mother who’s baby was hurt.  She told me she had a lot to say, people needed to hear the truth, and she wanted to talk to me.  I asked her when we could talk, and she would not commit.  I called her a few more times, but we never actually spoke about her appearance on Jersey Shore.

To Miriam, I tried.  I spoke with Miriam for hours, and I believe what she told me was true.  I think MTV edited Danielle to look like a crazy, obsessed stalker.  I think Danielle is traumatized by the whole thing, but perhaps likes the notoriety.  If she ever wants to talk about it, she can call me, and I will happily write what she has to say.  If any lawyers are reading this, and feel like taking on the machine that is Jersey Shore, let me know and I will get you in touch with Miriam.

At the end of the day, it’s not that big a deal.  It’s just a silly “reality” television show, and we don’t really put any weight into what Pauly D, or any of the cast says.  That said, the life of a sweet girl, has been forever altered, for ratings.  A mother is trying to protect her child, and a child is torn between talking, and enjoying the spotlight of notoriety.  It’s all rather sad really.

I’m looking forward to the next season of Jersey Shore.  There is something very entertaining about watching a group of idiots, act idiotic.  To Miriam, you are lovely.  I hope Danielle will come back to New Jersey, and things will settle down.  As for her wanting to set the record straight, I’m here.  She can call me anytime she is ready, and I will give her a platform to speak.

MTV manipulated us.  Shocking.  They edited a show to make the Israeli girl, look crazy.  To Danielle, the good news is that they spent the other 8 episodes, showing us that Pauly D was a pig.  A sleazy, disgusting pig, who trolls around the boardwalk on the Jersey Shore. looking for notches on his belt. In the end, you came out the winner.  To all the girls he comes in contact with during season two, run away, and keep the faith.

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