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Jet Lag + Flu + Animal Cruelty = Pissed Off Cat Lady

by Ilana Angel

January 10, 2013 | 8:17 am

Gopher & Fiddles

I have been back from London for five days.  Five long and painful days.  I have been struck with the flu and it has about done me in.  On top of that, I am suffering from brutal jet lag.  I cannot breathe through my nose, cannot sleep, and need a nap around 2 o’clock every afternoon.  I’m miserable.

My son has also been sick and out of school, the Englishman is also suffering just like the both of us.  The only good thing is we have been having lovely conversations each day at 2:00 am.  By lovely of course I mean when we are not coughing, sneezing, and moaning, it is all very lovely.

My friend Jared told me that jet lag lasts a day for every hour difference from where you were.  Based on that, London is 8 hours ahead of Los Angeles so I will be suffering until Sunday. Not cool. I am exhausted, achy, and more pissed off than I have ever been.

I was out of town for 14 days and hired a girl to cat sit for my delicious cat Fiddles, and her cat Gopher.  Yes, I have a cat and my cat has a cat. I am proud to be a cat lady, I love these animals and I treat them with love and respect.  They are my family and they truly matter to me.

My cat Fiddles is the best cat I have ever owned.  She is very special.  We adopted her when she was 9 months old.  She spent her whole life living in a garage and it was love at first sight.  She has a very special bond with my son and they instantly fell in love with each other.  It’s magic.

She is like a dog in that she follows him around the house and meets him at the door when he comes home from school.  She sits with him when he does his homework, and sits at his feet when he is at the dinner table.  She likes to play fetch with her fake mice.  She is family and we love her.

Our other cat is named Gopher and he is simply an asshole.  He has been here for over a year and neither my son nor me have ever touched him.  He is aloof, indifferent, and frankly, mean.  He is also madly in love with Fiddles and so we have determined that he is actually her cat, not ours.

They spend a lot of time together and she is protective of him.  He follows her around in the same way she follows my son.  He does not like people, but he loves her and so while he is not a great cat to us, he is her baby and an important part of our family.  A complete asshole, but still family.

I spoke with the highly recommended sitter and she was lovely and excited to do the job.  We agreed on a price and a schedule so I was happy to have her be here with my babies.  She came before we left to meet the cats, get the lay of the land, keys, and the instructions.  All was well.

We left for England and I felt very comfortable that the cats would be well taken care of.  I texted her from England and she told me things were fine and the cats were doing great.  I had a wonderful holiday knowing the cats were fine and I didn’t need to worry or stress about them.

After 14 days we returned and when I entered my home my heart broke into a million pieces.  These two cats that I love so very much, were suffering. They had not been fed in what appears to be 12 days.  The girl came over only one time to see our cats.  They had no food and no water.

The kitty litter was full and unusable so they had gone to the bathroom all over the floor.  There was poop and vomit all over the place, probably due their being under stress.  The animals must have thought we abandoned them and I was heartbroken.  I started to cry.

Fiddles ran to us and literally jumped into my arms.  She licked my face and started to purr like a jungle cat.  Gopher, who we never see, came up and rubbed on my legs.  I was not allowed to touch him, but when I sat with Fiddles on the couch, he came and sat by my feet.  It was devastating.

I immediately called the girl to see where she was, and she was skiing.  She said she had not been to my house in only two days and had planned to come that day.  All lies.  She was picking up my mail so by the postmarks still in my mailbox, she had not been to my home in over a week.

My cats could have died because this girl was selfish and stupid.  She is an idiot and I am not sure what action to take against her.  She endangered my family and I don’t take lightly to people who hurt my family.  She never even told me she was sorry.  She decided to text it instead.

She texted that she was sorry she let me down and lied about how many days it had been since she came.  Her lies were insane and even when I proved to her she was lying, she still did not have the decency to call me, just text.  I insisted she bring me my money and keys right away.  

They keys and money were returned and then I received a text from her father.  It read in part:

“No question, **** screwed up.  I would have let her know I was disappointed and that I wouldn’t be able to recommend her to others in future based on those results.  I would have asked her what she felt was fair and settled on some portion of the money returned.  I think you are the one who should be most ashamed in this scenario for making her give the money back. You’ve got your money back you vicious bitch. You are to make NO further contact with **** - if you do I will consider it an ASSAULT. Your name is banned from my house forever. I will ignore any attempt you make to reply or to contact me.  I am DONE with you, you ugly, malicious c***.  Rot.”

Really?  His stupid and selfish child could have killed my cats and I am vicious?  He is mad because I asked her to return $150? What is he teaching his child that this is his behavior?  I suddenly feel sorry for her.  It would appear they value the money more than the life of these inocent cats.

I am shocked and heartbroken.  Shocked that someone could be so unkind to innocent animals, and heartbroken that a child is allowed to put life in harm's way and the reaction of her paretns is to be angry about money and not mortified by the choices their child made. People make me sad.

My cats are going to be fine.  A little dehydrated, lighter, and emotionally scarred, but we will love them back to health and hopefully they will forget this happened. Animal cruelty is a crime and should be taken seriously.  To Fiddles and Gopher, we love you and are so sorry.  You are blessings and for your recovery, we are keeping the faith.



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