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Jersey Shore:  Sammi & Ronnie are Dysfunctional & Israeli Danielle is a Liar

by Ilana Angel

March 20, 2011 | 10:19 am

Sam + Ron = Losers

I am 44 years old and not ashamed to say I watch and love Jersey Shore.  It’s not so bad when you consider that Mike is pushing 40.  That is one old situation.  These people make me laugh.  Snooki and Deena are hilarious as the Lucy and Ethel of Jersey, and you can’t help but love these two.

Even though I never miss an episode, I don’t blog about the show on a regular basis. This week however was a doozey and I felt compelled to share a few thoughts on a couple of key storylines.  Let’s start with Sammi and Ronnie. They are horrific and need to be kicked off this show.

First of all, they are not that interesting.  Secondly, and more important, they are dangerous in terms of the example they show to young people.  Their relationship is abusive, scary, and frankly disgusting.  I am surprised that MTV allows them to stay on when they are so unstable.

The level of screaming, derogatory remarks, physical abuse, and disruption to the house should be enough to get them booted out. If this were The Real World they would be gone already.  How many times can they hurt each other before it’s enough?  What kind of example are they setting?

Are other couples watching and thinking that they can be mean and hurtful to each other and it will be okay because they can make up in the end? Does MTV think we care about these two?  They are pathetic losers and a reason to not watch this show.  Seriously MTV, they need to go.

Granted, this show is not a moral compass on how to behave, but the debauchery is not dangerous.  Sammie and Ron however are courting disaster and it’s not cool.  The level of abuse is surprising, not funny, and uncomfortable to watch, especially as the parent of a young man.

It has gone from being train wreck television, to dangerous television, and they need to get the boot.  After hearing Sam and Ron say “I’m Done!” forever, it’s now our turn.  We’re done.  We will still watch if they go.  Trust me.  Lose them both and get us a couple of new kids.  You can do it.

Now let’s talk about Danielle the Israeli chick.  We first met her a year ago, and like a bad rash on a hooker, she just won’t go away.  I’ve had an interesting ride with this girl.  When we first met her, I thought she was gross and wrote about it here:  Introduction to Danielle

After that post I got a call from Danielle’s mom Miriam.  She spoke to me for hours about how Danielle was manipulated by MTV.  She said Danielle had gone back to Israel and could not return to Jersey because she was mortified.  You can read that blog here: DId Danielle Get Screwed?

This week was the second time Danielle showed up and humiliated herself, since the time her mother said she was so mortified she could no longer return to Jersey.  This “poor girl” not only went back to New Jersey, but she purposely went out of her way to make it back onto the show.

I owe MTV an apology for implying that they painted her in a bad light.  This chick is a whack job and if we think she is crazy she has nobody to blame but herself.  She and her mother need to get their stories straight and come clean.  Danielle is a fame whore who played the game wrong.

She thought she had enough game to play the “I don’t have sex until marriage” card, and have Pauly fall in love with her.  Not only is she crazy, she is not that bright.  She was in over her head and rather than being the cute Israeli chick, she is the crazy Israeli stalker.

Next week is the season finale of Jersey Shore.  I look forward to turning off the world for an hour of mindless fun on Thursdays and will miss it, but I look forward to next season in Italy.  It’s a shame Ron and Sam are going, but perhaps they’ll kill each other in Rome.  Could happen.

I’m sure I will get a call from Miriam saying she is going to sue me for defamation of character of her daughter.  To that I say bring it on.  I will blog next week for a season wrap up.  Will Danielle be spared from my wrath next week?  No, so she might want to keep the faith.


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