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Dancing With The Stars is Worth Watching & Not Just for Train Wrecks

by Ilana Angel

March 30, 2011 | 9:12 am

I like watching Dancing With The Stars and in the past, in fact in every past season, I watched as much for the train wrecks as for the dancing.  This season however, there is not a train wreck to be found.  It’s a solid group of people and some of them are really very good.

There are people that I don’t know much about, and some that will clearly go early because we don’t know them and therefore don’t care, but there are a few that are really good dancers, very entertaining, and making this what may be the best season yet.

Kirstie Alley:  I love her.  She is 60, has a real body, and is a very good dancer. She is funny and charming and I am pulling for her.  She has great chemistry with her partner Max and she is trying.  I think by the end of the season, she will be in the finals, much improved, and much smaller.

Mike Catherwood:  He was the first to be voted off, going home last night.  He is a radio guy and never had a shot.  This early in the game people vote for who they know and with his judge’s scores so low, we knew he was going home before they told us.  He was funny as he left.

Chris Jericho:  The wrestler has a few moves and I think he’ll surprise us.  He’s a good dancer and is enthusiastic to be there.  I like him and hope he stays around for a while, then when he gets the boot, I want him to body slam Bruno, then storm off the set in a big huff.  Awesome.

Chelsea Kane:  She is young, cute, a good dance, the token Disney “kid”, and I have no idea who she is, what show she is on, or why she was selected to be on the show.  Her dancing will keep her on for a few weeks but her D List status will eventually be the reason she goes home.

Sugar Ray Leonard: He’s sweet and really wants to do well.  He’s trying and not bad, but he’s not going to be in the finals.  He is a legend to be sure, and it will be crushing to his ego when he gets the boot.  He may stick around for a bit, but he’s leaving sooner rather than later.

Ralph Macchio:  Oh. My. God.  I love him.  He is a memory of my youth and I adore him.  He looks exactly like he did when he was a teenager.  He’s a great dancer, has an adorable family, and is simply fabulous.  He’s going to the end and I can’t wait to watch him each week.

Petra Nemcova:  She is sweet, and seems so nice, but she needs to go.  I think the radio guy was better than her last night and while I think she is lovely, I’m over her and don’t think she will stick around for much longer.  She is a bit boring as a dancer, and in her taped packages, so bye-bye.

Romeo:  I know this kid because my son watched his movies and listened to his music.  I enjoyed watching the train wreck that his dad Master P provided, more than him.  He’ll get better, and will stick around for a bit, but he’s not going to the finals and can go now really.

Hines Ward:  The football player has got potential.  I really like him and think he is doing great.  He’s the only one that is not whining, or pulling a sympathy card, I like him, think he has a killer backside, and predict he’s in it to win it, and will be around for a long time.

Kendra Wilkinson:  The Playboy bunny and reality TV star is whining too much.  She whines about everything and I’m sick of her “I want to be a lady” routine and it’s only been a couple of weeks. She is popular and will stay at least until we see her in a skimpy outfit.

Wendy Williams:  I like Wendy but she is her own worst enemy.  She was not herself in week one, burping week two, cried, whined, and too sensitive.  I hope she can pull it together and get on track because she is fabulous and I want her to stay.  Come on Wendy.  How you doin?

They introduced an in-house dance troupe.  They danced great, but I think it’s weird when brothers and sisters do dancing like this and try to look sexy together.  The chick with long blond hair needs a haircut because she kept flinging her split ends into her partner’s face.

They are also doing something new with the mics this year.  When they recap the dances we get hear what they say to each other before they start, and immediately following the dance. It’s fantastic and a wonderful addition.  It really is fun to hear what is going on in those moments.

Brooke Burke looks great with her new bangs, and her boobs were even so maybe she has a new wardrobe consultant, which is a great thing.  Last year every dress she wore made her look lopsided so I’m happy to see the problem has been addressed, at least for now.

I have said it for years and will say it again, Tom Bergeron is the most talented of all the live competition show hosts and should get an Emmy.  Jeff Probst wishes he were Tom.  It’s going to be a great season and for the first time in a long time, we can watch for the dancing alone.

With no Bristol Palin or Kate Gosselin to focus attention on the train wrecks, we can sit back, watch Ralph and Kirstie get better each week and get back to the dancing.  It might be a little boring, but it won’t be painful.  To all the stars and dancers, break a leg and keep the faith.

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