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Billionaire Adopts Girlfriend - UPDATED

by Ilana Angel

February 10, 2012 | 1:01 am

Goodman and his new daughter.

John Goodman is very wealthy.  He was a child of privilege, but as wealthy as he was growing up, he’s richer now.  He founded the International Polo Club and is a billionaire.  That’s with a B.  He is not only a billionaire, but also a pig, coward, and disgusting.

Two years ago, while drunk, Goodman ran a stop sign and killed 23 year old Scott Wilson.  While the Wilson family mourned the loss of their beloved son, Goodman posted a $100K bond and checked into the Miami Four Seasons, while he waited to be arrested.

The Wilson family is suing Goodman for the wrongful death of their son. Goodman is a billionaire on paper, but one can assume when you have that much money, there is even more hidden offshore, in protected trusts, and in other people’s names.  Punitive damages are involved so this matters.

In order to protect his money, Goodman did something so unbelievable I can’t wrap my head around it.  Goodman’s girlfriend, Heather Hutchins, is now his daughter.  That is correct folks.  48 year old Goodman adopted his 42 year old girlfriend so he could transfer his wealth to her.

By transferring the money to his “daughter” before the trial, it is safe and cannot be touched.  He is allowed to give her 1/3 of his wealth, which when you are talking about billions of dollars, is not a small amount of money.  That money cannot be touched by any judgment against him.

The legal papers read: “The adoption declares Ms. Hutchins to be Mr. Goodman’s child and legal heir, entitled to all of the rights and privileges of Mr. Goodman’s natural born children. While there is nothing unusual about an adult adoption, the critical fact here is that Ms. Hutchins is Mr. Goodman’s 42-year-old girlfriend.”

Goodman’s criminal trial starts March 6 when he will be charged with DUI, vehicular manslaughter and leaving the scene of a crash.  He could face up to 30 years in prison.  He was drunk, ran a red light, killed a boy, and then he left.  30 years doesn’t seem like enough time to me.

Goodman claims the adoption was a way to protect his children, but what about the Wilson’s child?  Was he concerned with his well being when he killed him and left him alone to die?  While I appreciate that what Goodman is doing is legal, it is not decent. Shame on him.

Goodman hit Wilson so hard that his crumpled car went airborne and landed in a canal, on its roof, and immediately began sinking.  Scott Wilson was a recent graduate of the University of Central Florida with a degree in mechanical engineering.  Let’s not forget about this boy.

As a mother, I cannot imagine ever losing a child, and for this boy to have his life taken, after he was just starting to live it, is unforgiveable to me.  I hope Mr. Goodman remembers that his killed someone’s child each time he has sex with his daughter.  I also hope he rots in hell.

Too harsh?  Maybe.  By maybe of course I mean no.  Goodman left a young man to die because he was selfish and stupid.  He then scrambled to hide money so he does not have to give it to that child’s family.  They don’t care about the money you douchebag.  They want their son back.

I find this story upsetting for a lot of reasons.  There is clearly a creepy factor, but it’s more than that.  He killed a man and then showed no decency by leaving him alone to die. He is now disrespecting his memory because of money.  It’s all rather horrific and heartbreaking.

I am sending my condolences to the Wilson family.  I am sorry for your loss and I hope Scott gets peace at trial with a conviction of the man who killed him.  As for Mr. Goodman, he is a despicable human being and when it comes to his getting the maximum sentence, I am keeping the faith

******* UPDATE *******

The biological children of Goodman have gone to court asking the judge to throw out the adoption of Hutchins, saying it was all part of an elaborate scheme of their father to protect his money from the pending $100 million dollar law suit he is facing.

With the adoption is place, Hutchins is set to get $250K a year for the rest of her life, plus millions more from Goodman’s trust.  It breaks down to her getting about $200 million dollars over the next forty years, and his biological kids are pissed off.

There is a lot of money involved her and I get that money makes people crazy, but what about Scott Wilson, the boy who was killed?  All this talk of money and nobody in the Goodman family is talking about the fact that someone died at the hand of Goodman.

This Sunday will mark the 2 year anniversary of Scott Wilson being killed.  Scott was only 23 years old and home from college for the weekend to celebrate his sister’s birthday, when Goodman, who was twice the legal limit of blood alcohol level, ran a stop sign.

He plowed in Scott’s car, which landed in canal, and took off by foot.  While Scott was drowning in the canal, Goodman called 911 from down the road and said he saw the accident.  He was so drunk and/or stupid, he thought they would not know it was his Bentley?

This is a nightmare for the Wilson family and that Goodman keeps disrespecting them over and over again is horrific.  He killed a boy and he should be giving money to Scott’s family, not to his whore/daughter/girlfriend, who should be ashamed of herself.

I get that the biological kids are angry they are losing out on all this money, but they should be talking about the death of Scott Wilson and trying to help that family, not scrambling to get the money themselves. Problems of the rich I guess.

In court documents it says Goodman never told his kids about the adoption because they did not like Hutchins, and Hutchins complains that the kids kept erasing her information from their dads phone until he had to memorize her phone number on his own.

Really?  Is this chick serious?  She is just as disgusting as her drunk boyfriend and I want to know if the state of Florida is going to charge Goodman with incest and sleeping with a prostitute since she is now both his child and a whore.

The civil trial is set for March 27th, with the criminal trial on the docket for March 6th.  He faces up to 30 years in prison if convicted and I hope he is.  I’m sure there are lots of people in prison who will be interested in getting adopted and calling him Daddy.

The lack of decency in John Goodman is upsetting to me, and this story annoys me to no end.  I will be following the trials, sending my prayers to the Wilson family.  As for justice being served and the memory Scott respected, I am keeping the faith.

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