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Bethenny Celebrates Becoming a Millionairess By Bagging on Her Dead Dad

by Ilana Angel

May 9, 2011 | 11:14 pm

Bobby Frankel

It is the season finale of Bethenny Ever After.  We know she is coming back for another year so this will be a brief farewell.  I really had high hopes that Bethenny would end the season with some class.  She achieved all of her goals, but ultimately could not end like a lady, instead she was a spoiled brat who continues to dishonor her father.

Bethenny is on her speaking tour and I get why people think she is charming, but she is also crass.  I don’t have a problem with crass, I do have a problem with her selling herself as an expert when all she really is, is lucky.  She is a maker of margaritas but also Kool-aid and her impact is impressive as well as unsettling.

Jason and Bethenny are at lunch with Bryn and his parents.  Bryn is an adorable, sweet and funny little girl.  When she was eating Bethenny’s soup I could feel my ovaries convulsing and I had a deep seeded urge to have another baby.  Thankfully it passed quickly. They are blessed she is so healthy when she came so early.

They are in Pennsylvania and Jason’s family is at the show.  Bethenny looks painfully thin.  Not wish I was that skinny, but oh my God what is wrong with her skinny. She tells the crowd Pennsylvania is important to her because so many people in her life are from there.

She mentions her assistants before Jason which was weird.  She is giving advice about reaching your dreams and it’s sad because she is giving advice that she clearly read in a self-help book.  What she says is important, it’s just not her original idea, which is what she wants us to think.

The audience looks young.  Why do young women look up to a woman who got pregnant at 39, married while about to have a baby, hates her parents, and lies about everything?  It’s interesting that she is a role model to so many when her success is based on luck.

The moments after the show, when she is with her in-laws, are lovely and nice to see since she has been so horrible to them all season.  One would hope that they can work out all their crap so they can continue to see Bryn.  There are a lot of eggshells being walked on, which is too bad.

You can see how bad Bethenny’s hair loss is when she wears a ponytail.  It’s stress I’m sure with all that is going on, but also it has to do with the guilt she feels for achieving her success while stomping on the body of her dead father and crushing the soul of her estranged mother.

The tour is over and they are back in NYC. Bethenny agrees to the sale of Skinny Girl and is now a millionairess.  Just what she always wanted.  Instead of taking the high road, she is in therapy and decides, again, to drag her dad through the gutter.  Her hate of him is very unsettling.

She speaks in such a hateful way about him that it’s sad.  She ended last year with her wanting to have peace with him, with him when he died, which was another lie that Bethenny has spewed.  She did not let it go. She is harboring insane hatred for him and their life together.

The deal comes through, the sale is complete, and Bethenny achieved all her dreams.  She is a millionaire, married, mom, and planning to have another baby.  They do a flashback of her life throughout the Bravo years and it’s amazing to see what she has accomplished.

The season ends with a gift from Jason.  He shows her their wedding album and their relationship is summed up on the front page, which Bethenny claims is the best picture she has ever seen, yet Jason’s head is cut off.  I would be completely pissed off if I were him.

Jason married a 39 year old pregnant woman, who hated her family, and was barely scraping by making her living as a reality television personality, and ended the year married to a millionairess, a father, and his face not included on the cover of his wedding album.  Bravo Jason.

I wonder if they will change the name of the show for the third season.  It’s had two names in two years so I think it would be cool to change it again.  Bethenny now can afford to call it the Oprah Show if she wanted.  We have a little break from the lies, but she’ll be back, so keep the faith.

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