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May 30, 2013

OMG! Insider, LeAnn Rimes & One-Sided Journalism



I have written a lot of articles about LeAnn Rimes.  I find her to be fascinating in that she is obviously dealing with mental illness, yet nobody in the world of entertainment journalism is willing to talk about it.  She is unstable in the same way Amanda Bynes is, yet everyone in the celebrity news arena paints her as a victim.  She is, in my opinion, a whore who broke up a family, and is now attempting to ruin another family with her endless supply of cash and desperate need to maintain her celebrity.

Yesterday LeAnn’s madness went to a whole new level as it brought in an entertainment powerhouse, Yahoo’s OMG! Insider.  The twitter account for OMG Insider sent me a tweet telling my followers and me that they were airing a two part interview with LeAnn and we should all watch.  Really? Some young social media intern probably did a search of Rimes, my name came up, they figured I was a fan, and tweeted me.  That intern should do a little more research because I’m not a fan of the unwell Ms. Rimes.

I wrote back to the OMG twitter account letting them know I was not interested in the interview and that started an onslaught of tweets from me, them, my followers, LeAnn’s paid twitter followers, and an endless array of fake twitter accounts that I believe are run by Ms. Rimes.  Just when I thought it could not get any stranger, the executive producer of the OMG Insider television show, Brad Bessey, got involved and in just one tweet managed to shed light on his credibility, or lack there of.

I suggested to the OMG twitter account that since they interviewed LeAnn, they should also interview the Special Ed teacher and mother of 6 she is suing.  I was told by that account that I should speak with Mr. Bessey because they are all about listening to their online community.  I wrote to Mr. Bessey and suggested he needed to speak with the “other side” of the story that is LeAnn Rimes.  Important to note that every time Ms. Rimes speaks she is storytelling.  Mr. Bessey engaged me right away.

He wrote me back, responding to my request for him to interview teacher Kim Smiley by saying, “Don’t need to. We provided a safe place for @leannrimes to share her music & her truth and she fearlessly did.”   When my followers started to join the conversation, Mr. Bessey wrote, “Other side? It’s her experiences, her actions, her regrets, her feelings, her music?”   Ms. Rimes is trying to sell a record and is sharing nothing that we have not heard already, and determined to be lies.  It’s ridiculous.

I appreciate that this is a celebrity driven gossip site, but for an executive producer in the area of journalism to publically state that only one side of a story is needed, is shocking.  To clarify, it could be that he was confused and thought we were all talking about Brandi Glanville as the other side of the story. If that is the case then Mr. Bessey is not too sharp as we repeated over and over again that we were concerned with Kim Smiley and her having the right to tell her side of the story that is LeAnn Rimes.

LeAnn Rimes had an affair with a married man, while married herself.  She ended her marriage, and his, and they got married.  Big deal.  It happens all the time.  It is how she has handled herself in the wake of her very public outing as a whore that has left so many people troubled.  She is suing a woman for taping a call that she initiated, in a public place.  Kim Smiley was trying to protect herself from Ms. Rimes and in making a rational decision to tape her, got caught up in a nightmare that is heartbreaking.

Why is it that nobody will ask LeAnn Rimes the questions that matter?  She will not answer them of course, but at least have the balls to ask her.  OMG Insider has let us know that they are only interested in LeAnn and it is sad. Had they said they are a celebrity site and do not do the type of stories that would include Kim, I would have respected them. Instead they made it very clear they are only interested in one side of the story and have opted to go with the side of a narcissistic sociopath with an agenda.

It is an interesting choice and they are free to do what they do in the way that they choose.  All I am saying is that LeAnn Rimes is suing a woman with six kids, who has dedicated her life to helping others, for no reason.  It will go to court and be dismissed of course, but the financial devastation to this family will be hard to recover from.  Someone needs to listen to Kim’s side of this story and maybe shed a different light on Ms. Rimes.  Just because she used to be a popular singer does not make her special.

If anyone is worthy of press coverage, it is Kim Smiley.  You can learn about Kim and what she is dealing with at www.gofundme.com/HelptheSmileys.  It will ultimately all get explained in court and so one can take comfort in knowing the courtroom is a place where both sides of a story matter and when given her opportunity to speak, Kim will show everyone exactly who LeAnn Rimes is and what she is doing.  Kim will share what OMG Insider is not interested in sharing, which is the truth.

She puts her really ugly and inappropriate pants on one leg at a time just like the rest of us.  Being a celebrity does not excuse bad behavior and if a journalist has an opportunity to report fairly and chooses not to, we can only conclude that they are not journalists as much as they are gossip mongers who are more impressed with fame and celebrity than truth and decency.  I won’t watch the interview because there is no point now.  They have let us all know that the interview is not concerned with keeping it real.



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