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February 20, 2012

Mob Wives – Mothers & Muthas



Drita Davanzo

I love this show and look forward to it every Sunday night.  For a reality television blogger Sunday nights are rough because there are so many shows on, but I watch this for me.  I am a fan and writing about it is a pleasure. These women are fascinating and the more we get to know them, the stronger my opinions are.  I am on team Drita.

We start with Drita is who learning to box.  She is trying to get out her aggression so she will stop fighting with people, but also to toughen her up when she has to deal with douche bags.  Drita is hilarious and her vocabulary is very entertaining. She is all the things Karen wishes she were. Under her tough bravado, Drita is a sweet girl.

Karen is out with Ramona and is hearing about Ramona’s visit with Carla. Ramona wishes she was hardcore like Drita, but she’s not.  She likes the sound of her own voice and goes on and on just so she can hear it.  Karen is stumbling through English, trying to sound smart, but it’s not happening. Karen then tells us she respects people who are loyal.

Really?  Does she respect her dad?  The only reason she is on this show, or has any level of success in television, is because her dad was not loyal.  I think it’s hilarious that she has the balls to say she respects loyalty when the lack of loyalty in her own family is what is paying her bills.  I don’t get Karen and she is the weakest link on this show.

Carla is out with Drita and is going to tell her she saw Ramona.  It’s crappy that she did not tell her ahead of time.  Carla is not loyal to Drita and I don’t think she can be trusted.  Carla has balls to say she is best friends with Drita, when she did not have Drita’s back in the meeting.  I feel oddly protective of Drita and hope she sees Carla is shady.

We are now with Big Ang and we meet her new baby “Little Louie”.  I freaking love this woman and I love her dog.  From her voice to her attitude, I am seriously enamored with this woman.  The guy she was dating was supposed to buy her a dog but when he turned out to be a douche bag she bought one herself.  I want Ang to be my neighbor.

Karen is meeting with a media coach because she needs help with the media tour of her book.  She lets us know she is an “escape goat”, and also not an aggressive person.  Is Karen high?  She is uneducated, unable to speak English properly, painfully aggressive, and making money off the pain and suffering her father caused.  I don’t get this chick.

She tells us this is what she believes in and what she stands for, but what does that mean?  She believes in cashing in on the history of her dad?  She believes in abandoning her child for 15 minutes of fame?  She believes in pretending she is a hardass when really she is just a housewife from Arizona?  I won’t be reading Karen’s book.

Renee and Junior are going to couples therapy and we get to watch.  I’m not a fan of therapy on reality television as I think it’s unethical. That said, this is a super cute therapist and I totally dig him.  Junior is saying he was unprepared for marriage and unfaithful, and Renee is all over it.  She is crying and sabotaging the therapy.

I feel bad for Renee whio is teetering on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Renee has issues because she loved Junior completely and she cannot handle that he did not love her back the same way.  It’s heartbreaking to watch.  I’m sure Junior loved her, as best he could, but he is what he is and she should have never taken him back.

We know Junior is bad for Renee and has hurt her family, but she needs to find a place in her heart and mind to believe that he loved her once.  She has her beautiful son AJ, and she is going to be fine.  He hurt her and she does not need to make excuses or defend herself.  She is not to blame for any of the crap Junior did.  Junior is a douche bag.

Drita and Big Ang are at the dog park with Louie.  Big Ang is talking about being lonely and wanting to be with someone, and Drita has been alone for so long she ‘s not into having a man anymore.  She still loves Lee so she will work through it all.  Drita tells Ang about Carla meeting with Ramona and I am again annoyed that Carla showed no loyalty to Drita.

I love Ang and think her advice to Drita, and all the ladies actually, is spot on.  Big Ang is funny and sweet and looks out for her friends.  She is the Godmother of this group and she needs to be around more.  Big Ang is good people and good television.  Over with Renee, she is on the phone with Junior and begging him to forgive her.

Watching Renee and Junior is sad.  She undervalues herself, asking him to take her back, and she is saying sorry, when she does not need to.  It’s troubling because we’ve all done it.  I have had the same conversation with a man who I knew was bad for me, but I loved him and could not bear to lose him.  I think we are all praying for Renee to get strong.

Ramona goes to court to support her boyfriend who has been arrested. Renee goes to support Ramona and hearing them talk about this lifestyle is interesting.  It’s a little sad because they did not choose this life as much as it chose them.  The mob is real, these women are real, and this show puts the reality into reality television.  I love this show.

Drita is talking to her daughter, who asks her mom if she has ever been in a fight.  Drita is fantastic.  She is not sure hat to tell her daughter so she tries to evade the question when the phone rings and its Lee.  Watching Drita cry when she talks to Lee is heartbreaking.  She wants a divorce but she loves him, but you see her torment.

Lee is telling her they should be friends so it does not get ugly and I can’t tell if it was threatening, or just his trying to be nice.  I don’t get how you stay in love with someone who goes away to prison for years on end, but love has no explanation and it’s not for us to understand.  I hope Drita finds peace, finds love, and is happy.

Ramona is out with her four kids, and tells them her boyfriend has gone to jail.  Really?  Did she not tell us the relationship was new with this guy?  Why drag her kids into it.  Why put these kids on the show at all?  There is a difference between being a mother and being a mutha and this just does not seem motherly to me. I feel bad for the kids.

They are beautiful and innocent and should have been protected a little more from the effects of this show, and her choices.  Over with Karen, she is talking to the father of her child and he is mad at her for leaving Arizona.  It sounds scripted which is a drag because he is as bad as of actor as Karen is.  She goes off on him and it’s silly.

She stutters, stumbles on her words, and clearly does not remember the things she wrote down for herself to say.  At the end of the day Karen left her daughter to pursue her own life and it’s sad. There is no way that little girl does not feel abandoned.  We all make choices as women and hers have made her a mutha not a mother.

Karen is at a photo shoot for a mob magazine that is doing an interview with her.  She is being asked questions, not answering any of them, and again trying to liken herself to her dad.  Really Karen?  You are not your dad, you are simply riding on his coattails to make a little money.  We don’t blame you, go what you need to do, just stop being lame.

Drita is with Carla and Renee, telling them that Lee called to say sorry.  Drita lets us know all men are pigs, but criminals are on a whole other level.  They are all struggling with their husbands and it’s sad.  Criminal or not, mob or not, when a man breaks your heart it hurts the same.  Renee is once again slipping to the edge and it’s very sad.

It’s a drag that this show was shot so long ago because we know what is happening now and waiting for the show to catch up.  To hear Renee say she is not going to get her happily ever after, now that we know what he did to her and her family, makes her words prophetic and powerful. Seeing this all unfold is a little uncomfortable.

I watched the after show and it was lame.  The host was an idiot, her necklace was weird, and the relationship expert they brought out to talk to Renee and Carla was a moron.  I will be watching next week, but will pass on the after show.  These women are entertaining and intimidating, always riveting, and truly keeping it real.

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