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Mob Wives Reunion Recap

By Ilana Angel

April 22, 2013 | 6:43 am

Oy Vey!  This reunion is a hot mess.  The screaming, talking over each other, and the exclusion of Love is annoying.  I get that Love was out of control with Carla, but they should have... read on

  • Married to Medicine Fight Club Recap

    By Ilana Angel

    April 21, 2013 | 10:13 pm

    I love this show. These women have breathed life back into reality television. From catch phrases to female fight club, they are good television. Not always classy or ladylike, but still good TV.  Last week was the brawl, and this week is the aftermath.  Let me begin by saying that... read on

  • Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Parts 1/2/3

    By Ilana Angel

    April 21, 2013 | 6:54 pm

    Atlanta was not particularly interesting or entertaining this season.  It had its moments of course, but overall without NeNe’s fabulousness, and Kenya’s craziness, these women don’t really have anything to offer.  I watched, and I blogged, so it all led up to this: if they cannot... read on

  • Catching Up With Mob Wives

    By Ilana Angel

    April 17, 2013 | 7:17 am

    I have not blogged this show for a couple of weeks.  I’ve been watching, but I get caught up in it and then don’t feel like writing. Plus, they are not always interesting and stretch storylines. I’m behind and apologize for those who have been waiting for me to get my act... read on

  • Married to Medicine – Toya’s Hitler Ignorance UPDATE

    By Ilana Angel

    April 15, 2013 | 4:41 pm

    Married to Medicine is my favorite reality show.  These women are fabulous and entertaining.  Not always appealing as people, but still good television. This week however, Toya Harris crossed a line that requires me to forgive her ignorance, but I just can’t.  I think she owes me... read on

  • Married to Medicine – The Brawl

    By Ilana Angel

    April 14, 2013 | 7:35 pm

    It has been a long time since I was excited about a reality television show.  I watch most of them because I am addicted, not because I really love the show.  Real Housewives of New Jersey is fantastic and I am counting down to their return, but let me tell you, Married to Medicine... read on

  • Married to Medicine - Classy & Trashy

    By Ilana Angel

    April 8, 2013 | 8:26 am

    These women are insane.  By insane of course I mean great television.  We are in week three of the most perfect reality train wreck and the women are staring to unravel.  They are going to seriously start humiliating themselves and I am sitting in front of the television like a dog... read on

  • LeAnn Rimes is Mad at Me. Again.

    By Ilana Angel

    April 7, 2013 | 9:25 am

    I think LeAnn Rimes is odd.  By odd of course I mean I think she is unstable and in need of special care.  She seems to have a lot of time on her hands, and a lot of people who are willing to do whatever she asks of them.  I guess she is bored with no career to speak of to keep her... read on

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