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The Real Housewives of NYC Show True Desperation on Twitter

by Ilana Angel

July 30, 2011 | 12:12 pm

I’m not a real user of Twitter.  My blogs are tweeted by The Jewish Journal and me, but that is the extent of my Twitter use.  I like the idea of it, and if I understood how it worked I’d probably use it more.  I used to follow a lot of people but it became exhausting, as I felt obligated to read everything which is a full time job.

For the last couple of weeks, I have been following the Real Housewives of New York on Twitter.  It is really fascinating to see how they all behave on television, and then see that it translates quite well to Twitter.  The only real difference is that the desperation on Twitter is palpable.  It is so intense that you can almost smell it.

Bethenny is quite interesting on Twitter.  She tweets a lot.  She updates her fans on things that Bryn has done, which is super cute.  She rarely mentions her husband Jason, which seems odd.  She never talks about anyone or anything to do with RHNYC, and she spends most of the time whoring out her products.

One person tweeted to ask if she had tasted the other low-cal margaritas that have been released.  They said imitation was the best form of flattery, to which Bethenny replied that imitation is not flattery, but rather a lack of originality.  She said she tried the other products and they did not taste as good as her Skinnygirl.

For a woman who built her career on copying other people, I think it’s hysterical that she says imitation is not flattering.  There is nothing original about Bethenny or her brand.  The fact that she is a “chef” who asks her Twitter followers for recipes, is proof that she is indeed brilliant, but not at all original.

Sidebar:  I have tasted both the Skinnygirl margarita and the new one from Jose Cuervo, and the truth is they both taste like crap.  If you drink enough of them they start to taste good, but that’s true of anything after a couple of drinks.  If you are going to enjoy a drink, just enjoy it and stay away from these glasses of yuck.

Sonja uses a lot of her tweets to beg people to like her on Facebook and sign up for her newsletter.  On one single day she tweeted 7 times for people to sign up for her newsletter, which she lets us know, includes recipes.  It’s quite sad but still appealing.  She writes to thank her fans for support and it’s oddly sincere.

If you can look beyond the desperation, Sonja is kind, means well, and is cute on Twitter.  Alex on the other hand, is annoying and her husband is pathetic.  He responds to every single tweet and is bitchy.  This guy is a mess and should be banned from Twitter as he refuses to ever keep to 140 characters.

Alex and Simon refer to their kids as “the chums” which is irritating after 50 times.  They talk about every single thing they are doing and I would be surprised that they don’t tweet during sex, except that I don’t think they have sex.  They are best friends, have a tight and connected marriage, but he’s not swimming in the lady pond.

That said, Alex has a certain tranny quality about her so maybe that’s why it works for them.  Perhaps Alexandra was once an Alexander, and that is how it works so well.  They are both offensive on the show and offensive on Twitter.  I truly think they are hurtful people and they are sucking the joy out of watching RHNYC.

Cindy is on Twitter and is neither offensive nor interesting.  Kelly Tweets a lot and shares what she is doing, where she is going, and asks a lot of questions to her followers.  She wants to know what people are doing, how they are, and there is a sense of friendship.  She is quite simple on Twitter, which makes sense.

Ramona tweets a lot about selling her Pinot Grigio. She is on a mission to get it in every store in America and she spends a lot of time using Twitter to help make that happen.  She also spends a lot of time talking about her romantic life with Mario, which makes me laugh.  If you have to keep saying it, it’s probably not true.

Jill also hocks her wares a lot of Twitter, but remains funny.  There is something authentic about her to me.  Maybe it’s her Jewish sensibilities that I respond to, but I like her on Twitter because even when she is working it, she is funny and can laugh at herself.  I can see how people might not get Jill, and that’s too bad.

LuAnn is the least offensive cast member on Twitter.  She stays in touch, but not obsessively like the others.  She let’s people know what she is doing, thanks them for their support, and lives a life outside of all the housewives crap.  In comparison to my friends, LuAnn is the most “normal” in her use of Twitter.

Twitter is an interesting thing, and for these housewives who so shamelessly show their desperation on television, they might want to rethink using this service.  It’s not for everyone, and in the case of most of these women, only proves that they are in fact desperate in their search for fame, and have no interest in keeping it real.

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