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The Real Housewives of Atlanta Hate Each Other

by Ilana Angel

March 30, 2014 | 7:16 pm

*Tonight's typos are brought to to by complete boredom.

We watch the housewives because their lives are interesting, but also because the interactions are entertaining. Except here. These women clearly hate each other and only speak when it is for camera time. This is more Real World with a bunch of strangers, than Real Housewives. I’m bored, but I’m an addict, so I watch. Nene ends the Mexico trip by calling Peter a bitch and they are magically transported back to Atlanta.

We are with Kandi who is three weeks away from her musical opening, yet they have not started rehearsals yet. Not sure I would admit that. Porsha has been cast, but she has contract demands. Dear Lord. Porsha really is an airhead. She comes, feels ambushed by the boss having questions about her contract, and sits quietly while Kandi tells her in the nicest possible way that her demands are delusional.

Over at Cynthia’s house, she is unpacking and that she would allow cameras in her closet is fascinating. Her plastic bags shoved in the cubbyholes are embarrassing. We flash between Nene and Gregg and Peter and Cynthia. I hate when Bravo does this double conversation thing.  They clearly see the fight differently.  Gregg and Nene are worried about fixing the friendship, but Peter and Cynthia are upset, which is hilarious.

Cynthia is acting righteous about Nene speaking badly to her husband, but it’s lame because if she were really upset she would’ve said something in Mexico and she didn’t. Cynthia says friends don’t call friends bitches. Yes they do. Friends don’t call their friend’s husbands bitches, and when they do, their girlfriends defend their men. don’t just sit quietly while he is humiliated. I can’t handle the stupidity in Atlanta.

Kandi visits her high school and is going to cast one student in her musical and one to work behind the scenes. It is a very sweet thing for her to do. She cries when she meets with her childhood drama teacher and it is lovely. She speaks to the kids and it is cute. Much better than when Phaedra and Nene went to talk to kids at the Boys and Girls Club. Cut to Kenya who is shooting with Marlo because nobody will shoot with Kenya.

Kenya has some chick come over with a fake baby so she can practice. I can’t. She wonders why they brought her an African American baby and not a white baby, because her sperm donor might be white and she has white genes. Line of the night is Marlo telling Kenya her white genes aren’t showing.  This is the dumbest thing I have ever seen. As soon as the baby delivery lady leaves, Kenya tosses the baby. This is garbage.

We jump to Phaedra who was able to take time away from shredding documents to show her face. It is a ridiculous scene and proof these ladies hate each other. Phaedra is shady. Back to Kandi, we are now two weeks until the opening, rehearsals are in full swing, and Porsha is still not participating. Oy vey. Fire her already Kandi. She’s a tool and the only musical cast member to have an understudy. Porsha is not good TV.

Cut to Porsha who tells us she got the “lead” in Kandi’s play. She is out at a club making a fool of herself with some guy who clearly doesn’t know anything about her. He asks for her number and she says she is “between phones”. Time for Porsha to move on. We head back to Peter and Cynthia who are meeting Gregg and Nene for a staged and scripted dinner meeting to clear the air. It is awkward and I am just not into it anymore.

Nene is telling Peter she didn’t realize she called him a bitch and did not mean to offend. Liar. She knew exactly what she was doing. Cynthia uses the word provoking because she doesn’t know the word provocative. This is a dumb group of people making fools out of themselves. They kiss and make up so they have someone to film with. I am over this show, the obvious hatred and fake friendships. Nobody in Atlanta is keeping is real.



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