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Reality TV Overdose

by Ilana Angel

March 10, 2012 | 10:03 am

I watch much more reality television than I write about.  Some shows are impossible to recap because they are simply not good, and others I watch for me, and so blogging about them makes it work, and therefore takes the pleasure out of it.  While I have many favorites, I can’t stand some of these train wrecks but suffer through because it’s my job.

I sat down this week and watched a bunch of shows.  In the past I have written about some and skipped over others, but today I thought a quick review was needed. It’s a sad commentary on our society that some of these shows are on television, fascinating some of these people are getting rich, and truly a miracle that I get paid to watch it all.

DANCE MOMS:  Dance teacher Abby Lee is an embarrassment and what she does to these kids is painful to watch. These little girls will snap at some point and that will result in their hating dance, hating themselves, or on a pole.  The little girls are absolutely lovely, and their mothers are absolute bitches.  I would never take my kid to this woman.

TOP CHEF:  This show is brilliant.  I picked Paul as the winner the first week.  This season was excellent in terms of what they created and also excellent in that this was the meanest group of contestants.  They ganged up on poor Beverly, which was sad, but made for really great television.  Chicks in the kitchen are mean, and men in the kitchen are sexy.

MOB WIVES:  I love this show. The women on this show are both unbelievable and real.  They are living a life we thought only existed in the movies, and it’s riveting.  These women are unapologetic, hardcore, sensitive and loving.  Drita is perfection and Big Ang is the greatest thing to happen to television, reality or otherwise, ever.

JERSEY SHORE:  I have gotten a kick out of this show for years but I’m now done.  Mike is a complete and total pig, and Snooki getting pregnant is a sign from the heavens that it’s time to look away.  They had a good run, made a lot of money, and need move on off the TV.  This show has lasted longer than anyone imagined so Mazel Tov and goodbye.

MILLION DOLLAR LISTING: Between Ryan, who works for fun not because he needs the money, to Frederic the Swedish porn star, to Michael the walking petri dish of STD’s, this show is fun to watch from a real estate perspective, and repulsive to watch from a people perspective.  I’m checking out of this one after one episode.

UNDERCOVER BOSS:  I have cried at every episode of this show.  I don’t know how they pick the companies, or the employees to work with, but this show is fun to watch.  You quickly get invested in the people, and are pulling for them to get help from the boss in the end.  I have yet to be disappointed with this show or the people we meet.

SURVIVOR: This show is old.  The challenges have been done over and over again, and the people are not that interesting, but just when you think you want to give up on it, you get a contestant like Colton and all bets are off. This kid is single handedly changing this game in magnificent ways and I am in because of him.  He makes good television.

THE AMAZING RACE:  This show is literally amazing.  It is a romp around the world and a lot of fun.  It is quick, and entertaining and I find myself pulling for people and yelling at the TV telling them to hurry up.  There is a reason this show keeps winning Emmy’s.  This is reality television for people who are smart, not the Kardashian set.

KARDASHIAN ANYTHING:  There is nothing entertaining about this family.  Well Scott Disick is fun, but he’s not a Kardashian.  These people have no talent and nothing of value to say.  There is no reason they should be on television and we should not watch.  I think everything bad thing in the world should be blamed on a Kardashian.

LOVE BROKER:  This show is a waste of time.  When you are watching a matchmaking show and wish you were watching Patti Stanger, you know it’s a crapfest.  The matchmaker is an idiot, her partner is a bitch, and her clients are clearly single for a reason.  Whoever opted to make this show owes me an hour of my life back.

Reality television is an interesting thing.  By interesting of course I mean it is like a cheap street drug and once you watch even a little bit, you are hooked and can’t stop.  If admission is the first step to recovery then my name is Ilana and I am addicted to reality television.  I am going to keep watching, keep blogging, and keep on keeping it real.

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