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Real Housewives of New Jersey Gets Darker

by Ilana Angel

September 10, 2012 | 6:33 am

Photo by Tommy Garcia/Bravo

This show is now so dark that it is impossible to blog about it and not be dark.  In fact, it’s not only about blogging.  Twitter is now nasty and dark on Sunday nights in a way that it has never been before.  The fans are vicious with the housewives and flat out mean to each other.  It’s fascinating.

These women polarize people and everyone has a side.  I watch the show every week and I have fallen on the side of Teresa.  I see the same show as everyone else and think she is getting screwed, while others think the Manzo family is getting a raw deal and that Teresa is evil.

We all watch together, but see it completely differently.  I tweeted my opinion, like I always do, and crazy came out to play.  Its just television and I feel bad for people who seem to think it is reality.  They are very passionate about the lives of these women that they do not know.

I have interviewed many housewives and I can assure you, we don’t know them, and what we see is only pieces of a story.  Say what you want about them all as they chose to be on a show and they are fair game, however, let’s be decent to one another because this is not about us.

You can comment freely about the show, the characters, the stories, and what we all perceive to be dark and mean spirited editing on behalf of Bravo.  That is what unites us as fans.  Attacking each other for having opinions though is just crazy.  This show makes people crazy.

We all do it of course, myself included, but let’s draw a line in the sand. Lauren Manzo is an adult and she if she is going to tweet crap, I am going to call her out on it.  That does not mean I am a bad Jew, a bad mother, or going to hell.  All it means is that I have an opinion and a voice.

So, in the interest of moving forward and trying to offend as few people as possible, if you are a fan of the Manzo family, or perhaps not a fan of Jews, this is probab;y not the blog for you.  By probably of course I mean you should not read it, block me on Twitter, and get into therapy.

We start this week with the first day of school.  Melissa and Joe are making breakfast for Antonia who is starting first grade.  She is a gorgeous girl and it’s sweet.  What is not cute is how Mel and Joe talk crap about everyone in front of her.  It is so odd to me that this they always do this.

Teresa is no better, she and Joe talk crap in front of their kids too.  They are all young children and the parents should shut up with all the garbage in front of them.  Kids are smart and it’s simply not fair they are subjected to all the negative energy between all the adults.  Not cool.

Teresa’s girls are all getting ready and it’ s cute.  I love Teresa’s kids and think they need their own show.  Milania Guidice is television perfection. Melissa is so busy taking video and pictures that Antonia misses the bus to school and it’s the only real life thing we see all night.

Juicy and Tre are hashing out the trip to Napa, in front of 2 year old Audriana, and I’m over it.  Juicy is being himself, Teresa is being herself, and it’s funny.  They are slamming Caroline and Kathy, Juicy is being rude and in the end who cares?  It’s editing and I could care less.

That Bravo insists on replaying Juicy being horrible to Tre is beyond cruel to me.  Bad enough they chose to show it the first time, but they are showing it again.  He’s a pig, she loves him, move on.  We don’t know what goes on their home and it’s none of our business. 

Kathy and Rich are a complete and total waste of my time.  They are boring and not needed.  Victoria wants to go away to college and Rich is excited, while Kathy is crying.  It’s sweet and I know I will cry when my son leaves for college, but really?  Who cares about this?

Kathy is “old school” and I am over it.  She truly is not that compelling to watch and I hope she is not back for another season.  Her husband is an idiot on the show and if you follow them both on Twitter, you know he is a pig and she is a bitch.  Time for this family to make their exit.

Jac goes to visit Melissa for a scripted visit.  Jac is not needed on this show either.  She is boring, brings nothing of interest, and is a whiner.  It’s too much effort listen to her so I’m doing laundry during all her time on camera. Tre is off to see Kathy with the baby to visit.

I’m now more focused on my laundry than the show.  I’m also on my 2nd glass of wine, which is needed to watch this train wreck.  I’ll hit four glasses by the time the hour is over.  The show goes back and forth between Jac and Melissa and Teresa and Kathy and people are picking sides.

Jac lets us know she has not spoken with Teresa since they got back from California, Melissa is playing both sides of the fence, Teresa is holding her own, and Kathy is being old school.  I cannot stand this woman and her talking to the camera is laughable with all the clichés she uses.

Melissa goes to visit Caroline for a scripted visit and it’s too much.  She tells Melissa she is doing a one shot deal on Sirius radio.  Really?  Her local show tanked so why is she doing another one?  Melissa tells her to play her song on the show, which is oddly endearing.  Caroline is pathetic.

She has a board in her kitchen with cards on what she will talk about and I’m laughing.  Who is truly interested in what she thinks?  Her husband is not present as far as we can see, and her children are still breast feeding in their 20’s, so what advice can she give us that would matter?

Melissa calls out Caroline for acting like a high school girl and I’m not paying attention.  Caroline needs to walk away from this show.  She is not friendly with any of the ladies, not even her own family, so why is she here? Time to realize her kids are not break out stars and move on.

Melissa takes a couple of Tre’s girls out for the afternoon so Teresa can get ready for her Fabellini party.  Who know what is going on with them now, but it’s nice to see here.   The kids all together are really sweet.  Such a drag that what we see is over a year old.

Kathy and Rich are with their kids at the University of Maryland on a tour for Victoria.  I know it is my job to blog about these shows, but even I have my limits.  I am fast-forwarding over this entire scene.  I cannot stand Kathy’s voice, especially when she whispers deeply to the camera.

Caroline, Albert, Albie, Christopher an Lauren are off to do their radio show and Caroline tells the camera she has no idea why people would be drawn to what she has to say.  She says she has nothing great going on and I’m applauding because it’s the first honest thing she has said.

Albert Manzo on a talk show is like Helen Keller running a driving school.  It makes no sense.  He does not speak, the kids have nothing interesting to say, they are boring and annoying, and I’m guessing the show will tank like everything Caroline tries to do.  Too harsh?  Not really.

Teresa is at her Fabellini party and it’s cute.   Seems a little fake, but hello, the whole show is fake. Jac was not invited, which is awesome.  Jac “hurted” Tre and so she is out.  Teresa says you cannot kill someone then bring them back to life.  She told me the same thing in an interview.

We then get what we’ve all been waiting for, Dina Manzo.  This woman is divine looking and if I looked like her I would walk around naked taking pictures of myself.  She is gorgeous and fun and it’s a shame she left the show.  She was fun to watch but leaving was the best thing she did.

The radio show is a disaster.  I am watching the scene and almost feel sorry for her.  You can hear crickets and I am embarrassed for her.  Caroline is the last person I would ask questions about raising kids or having a good marriage.  I am laughing at the entire thing.

Caroline says she raised her kids to do well but what is it exactly that her kids do?  Albert is a man of few words so why is he on a talk show?  The kids are seriously not interesting and the producer of the radio show tells them there are no calls and she needs to prompt the questions.

Not helpful if no one is listening.   Back at the party, Dina and Tre hug.  Jac tells us Dina skipped the holidays with the family, as well as the launch for BLK, but she is there for Teresa.  Its called scripting Jac.  Poor dear.  Take another Xanax and get some rest. We’ll be fine without you.

Caroline finally gets a call and it sounds like the producer calling in.  Oy vey. Teresa is talking to Dina and Dina seems to not care.  She came to support her friend, not listen to Tre bash her family.  Come on Bravo. Cut us some slack and try to limit the crapfest.  Dina should skipp[ed it.

Next week will be the Posh fashion show and we know it’s going to get ugly.  By ugly of course I mean uglier.  I am watching.  Mostly because I’m paid to.  It’s dark and not entertaining, but too late to turn back now.  Next week I might have to go through a whole bottle to keep it real.



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